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Q&A 38

how do you type the heart?
PC's accessories/ systems menu

what phone are you using right now?
still my red samsung phone (photo can be found on this link)

why is there no connection between you and your blockmates? :)
Maybe because neither tries to make one :)
Another thing siguro would be because since we are quite grown-ups already, we already have our own cliques.

Ateneo won. did you watch the game?
Yes, I did. Pero hindi ko natapos e.

what is the tenth planet?
I think someone asked me the same question when I was just starting wit this blog.
Check this old link.

who's your favorite cartoon character?
Wala, e. Anyhow, during my elemenary years, I liked Winnie the Pooh (kaya naman yung diary ko na ginagamit pa rin hanggan nagyon, si Pooh ang cover).

How old are you, Ate Jez?
..will be 18 on the 8th :)

What's the website that you frequently update?
My main blog site.

Do you know how to hack? :-O
Hindi pa :-P

Q&A 37

Ang cute ng videos mo sa YouTube
Thanks! Those are works of the heart

How are you? Did you miss me? :-)
I'm fine, thanks for asking. How about you?
I haven't missed an stranger anonymous one, though. :-P

Ateneo or La Salle?
*drum beats* "Go, Ateneo!"

reasonable causes?!?... C'moun!! :/
Yes, I find them reasonable.
Peace. Wag tayong mag-away. :-D

Colored skinny jeans?
I'm okay with them. I have a green-colored pair.

Q&A 36

What is your favorite color?

Shades of purple.
I also like yellow and green (right, Mr.Fierelly? haha) :-)

Are you a starbucks person? Do you like drinking coffee?

At coffee shops, I prefer having a cup of hot chocolate over coffee.
And no, I'm not a 'Starbucks person'.

Do you talk to your parents about your problems?
Yup! They're like my diaries already, actually :-P

Siguro may nagtatanong sayo dito na iba na type ka.. bwahaha
Bwahaha nga :))

what do you do when you dont have anything to do? haha
Tricky [but equally silly] question.
Well, to match your wit, I guess merely breathing or sitting is already something to do. Nyeee.

sinong kinaiinisan mo ngayon?
I just knew that Ray Boltz is gay! Oh noooo.
Anyway, hindi naman ako 'naiinis' sa kanya. I'm just disappointed.
(e bakit siya ang nilaga mo na sagot? Kasi wala na akong maisip na iba.)

soooo.. I see that we're block mates. :D
Hindi naman. My absences have reasonable causes naman.
Post note: I have excuse letters left. I can let you read one. haha. Kidding. Relax ;)

Q&A 35

You enjoyed your island hopping? ehhe
Yes, very much! Traveling is especially fun when with the people one loves most :-)

you didnt have school? i mean, you went island hopping... so that means you didnt go to school right?
I'm currently a college junior, so I basically am enrolled at a school/ univ.
Good timing it was but the week when we were at Davao was also CLSU's intramurals week.
I missed some academic matters (esp when we were in Cebu), but I'm catching up.

it seems that you & your siblings are really close. what's your favorite thing to do when you're together?
We really are. We love to talk, talk, and talk while having much to eat, eat, and eat!

are you always online?
I have a life to live so I've been trying to control my net usage lately :D

paano gumawa ng ganitong blogspot? parang masayang gayahin eh.. hehe.. peace
A little bit of html and stuff.
Blogger offers a free blogging system, btw.
Gagayahin mo 'to? Inform me so I could visit your future site, too! :)

HAve you ever been attracted to any guy before? Like physical attraction. And what can make you or have made lose that attraction if there was any? Hehe
Have you ever felt attracted to a guy before? Like physical attraction perhaps. and what can make you lose your attraction to a guy?
I think I'd be a robot (and a total liar) if I'd negate being attracted to another, as in ever. Probably, physical admiration may pass to those that I had or have a crush on. Pero man, that's the lamest attraction one can have. haha.
Besides, I don't try to focus on men/boys, kaya siguro I seldom get 'attracted' to someone. Ito ha, hindi pa-wholesome image, pero I'm committed to not yet engage myself with liking boys/guys/men (or whatever you'd prefer to call them).
Well, the opposite sex aren't just the thing of these times. There's a time for everything, and as for now and for me, getting attracted with (and attracting) boys are real loser-stuff. hahaha.
My song for that:

My Future Decided (Hillsong United)

why is it that after we eat, we suddenly feel sleepy?
I found this site.
Search about it over google .

saan ka laging nagsstay sa bahay niyo?
1. My parents' room
2. Living room
3. My room

Q&A 34

wat is G12 by the way?
G12 basically means Government of 12.
It is a church method which includes cells, encounters, leadership trainings, and the like. Okay, so if you don't know G12, you also prolly have zero idea about the jargons I just mentioned. :D
You may just check this site for further details.

Im just wondering. Do you have a sin that you cant just seem to leave behind? Well, if it's too personal... you dont have to answer this. :)
Since I've accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior (I was born again), I've been delivered from all my sins in the past. That's why Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, anyway -- to wash away all our sins and give us a hope through salvation (we just have to acknowledge and accept Him as the Lord of our lives). After that day until now, I admit to still commit sin but is always being forgiven by the grace of God.
I can say having negative thoughts is the most frequent thing that I try to overcome.

where are you
Did I get lost, kidnapped, or something? :-P
Anyway, my family and I have been through the islands of the Philippines!
Two weeks ago, were in Baguio City (Luzon).
Last week, we were in Davao City (Mindanao).
This week, we've been to Cebu (Visayas). Cool, huh? 8-)

Q&A 33

those mms from 2977 are sent for free?
Absolutely for free :-)
You just have to activate your mobile phone's mms feature.

hahaha! :)) now thats cute :P

Do you think having friends who are 'non christians' wrong? If i have friends like them, does that mean i am 'violating' what God said about being yoked with unbelievers? or that verse is only for 'love relationships?'
Not all all. However, the Bible tells us: "Let them come to you, but you must not come to them." This means that with non-Christian friends or those that are not of the same faith as you have shouldn't be a means of them influencing us. Rather, we should get to influence them (share the gospel with them). Besides, how can we win the lost if we never get to be with them, right?

your family is really amazing, amazing in the sense that everyone of you really has these good relationship, how do you manage to keep these relationship with your parents and siblings?
Thank you for the compliment.
I strongly believe that the good familial relationship we have is rooted directly with our united faith in the Lord. Also, we serve the Lord altogether so our ties are really strengthened.
Truly, when things are surrendered to the Lord, they are blessed much-much-much!

anong reaksyon mo pag nalalaman mo na may naninira sayo?
Ignore. I totally have nothing to do with those people, right?

how are you yesterday, today nd maybe 2morw? ;-)
I was at the G12 National Conference! (click here)

you knw wat, you have the potential to join beauty pageants! do you want? your sooooo pretty kx!
Wow. Thanks.
I haven't joined any beauty pageant, though. I think such events aren't just my thing. hehe.
Thanks again, sweety.

Q&A 32

you are really cute when you answers this question. :P
Really? haha. Thanks!


are you one of the top students in highschool?
Yes, I was. I was a consistent Commendable awardee and was my batch's First Honorable Mention awardee.

you reach 2977 texts?? for real?
Yup, I do receive both sms and mms messages from 2977 (so obviously, I use a Globe sim).

Favorite song from Hillsong?
Mighty to Save siguro. I also like their version of Chris Tomlin's How Great is Our God, which apparently is my top fave song.

Mighty to Save

How Great is Our God

Pls comment Ms Jez-tnx: when a married pastor fell in love with a married woman who's actually a church member.
I think that'd be enough grounds for a church pastor to be disciplined by the church authorities (say the elders, senior pastor, or the bishop). Moreover, you shouldn't condemn the pastor totally as it is the dire spirit that has taken over him that you should revile. In addition, continue to pray for him – prayers are his ultimate need of the moment.

Q&A 31

your reaction when 2977 texts you?
Date/: 2008-08-17
I don't really check on my phone from time to time, so messages from 2977 do not bother me at all. Btw, I find the mms's they send cute :)

do you have a rubix cube?
Date: 2008-08-17
Wala, e. (buy me one! haha. JK)

you don't have much friends on your block right?! hehe:D
Date: 2008-08-18
To begin with, I shall commend you for your good observation :-P
It's important to note that I'm not anti-social, though. It's just that I prefer to spend my time [after my/our classes] with other things/ people -- and those "things/peope" doesn't often lead to them. I have nothing against my college blockmates, though.
It appeals to be that there's no.. uhm.. connection between us (that's just a notion, k).

Wedding at age...?
Date: 2008-08-19
Not younger than 26.

Ever fell in-love with the opposite sex?
Date: 2008-08-19
As in that which will pass for a girl-boy relationship? I believe I haven't.

What has always been your ultimate price possesion?
Date: 2008-08-19
The NIV Bible my mom gave me :-)

haha what do you mean by 'yet' (about the stalkers thing) ? :))
Date: 2008-08-19
Haha. Waley. I just don't have stalkers, and I can't say if there'll be any.
(wag naman sana)

is west africa in poverty?
Date: 2008-08-21
I think they're neither in a depressed nor a flamboyantly prosperous state. However, I think WA's richer than SA.
Hmm.. I sense a missionary heart :D

Q&A 30

having a site like this gives you stalkers, right? how do you deal with them?
Stalkers? Well, I don't think this site stirs up stalking me, yet :-P

Hi ate Jez. Saan kayo nagpa-brace?
Dr. Romualdo (TMJ Clinic)
You may visit his clinic at the first floor of Nieves Bldg (STI San Jose)

how to you do your screenshots? thanks!
You just need a keyboard that offers such function key. Most laptops have this function key, btw.
Just press whatever code or key for screenshots your keyboard has, then save it through your choice of picture editor/ manager.

do you believe in destiny?
Yes, I do. In Jeremiah 29:11, the Lord declares , "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
As Ptr.Frank S a n t o s would always say after reading the passage mentioned above,

"Say it with me--- I have a destiny -- a destiny to to succeed, to prosper and to overcome; with a distinction and to make a difference. "

Bakit hindi ka naguupdate sa Friendster mo? parang ang konti ng laman.
Both of my private and public Friendster accounts are outdated 'cause multiply and blogger/ blogspot are the ones that I frequently update. Kindly click on the links on the sidebar (at the right part) of this page to navigate.

Last question (not posted)

I received a
question about how we dealt with my ate's marriage. However, I hope you guys would understand and respect my decision for choosing not to give detailed answers abt it. Private much, I think? :D
On the other hand, to compensate for my decision, this is our super kaduper ultra mega happy (and gorgeous) family :-D

Q&A 29

what time do you usually sleep at night?
Okay, at night early mornings, I usually sleep at around 1-2 AM.
Stressed much? Uh-uh. I get to have enough sleep pa rin naman.

why are you so cute? :))
Am I? Another HAHAHA.

Born Again pala si Toni Gonzaga? :P
Yup! Kaya nga she got Sam Milby, Luis Manzano, and other suitors busted 'cause she wanted to have a relationship with a man whom she shares the same faith and beliefs with.
Showbiz naman natin today! :-P

Sino ang napanaginipan mo kagabi?
IKAW. Ahahaha. JK.
Someone from my block :-P

Kapag ba kinausap kita, kakusapin mo din ako kahit hindi tayo close?
Oo naman. Approachable naman ako, though I appeal otherwise.

Who do you think is prettier? You or Vanj?
The same DNA runs through us, so I guess it'd be vague to compare ;-)

Where do you want to go after your college graduation?
I would want to just stay in the wonderful presence of my mooother and faaaather (nyee, tamad. Ayaw mag-trabaho.) :D
Going to APTS is also an option :)

What's your favorite thing in Baguio City?
PlaceUpper QM!

What's your NSTP?
Unbelievable, but I had ROTC for my NSTP. HAH.
Think high-cut army boots and fatigue uniform!

Sandara Park or Kim Chiu?
I like neither, pero since I have to choose one, si Ms.My Girl nalang.

Who's your celebrity crush?
All my friends, shout it out---- Japoy Lizardo :D
(and Chris Tomlin, too!)

What do you hink of the new hairbands with humongous ribbons? do you have one?
Those stuff which make people look like walking Mini Mouses? hehe
Nope, I don't have one. I don't also think I would ever buy one :-P
(no offense to fans of such "fashion")

What is your homepage?
This is an actual screenshot from my desktop:

Describe your room.
Lovely (yet disorganized at times)

How are you today?
We tried out having welcome groups during our youth service this evening. It was totally fun!
On the other hand, I'm trying to exert more effort with school stuff as I guess I've been quite negligent last month. The Bible says we should do EVERYTHING for the glory of God -- and that includes doing school works!

What's your favorite TV show right now?
I don't really get to watch TV lately, but I find Ako Si Kim Samsoon of GMA-7 cute :D

define bad.
That which is not good :-P

Nagmahal ka na ba?
HAHAHA. Cheesy :D
Oo naman. Hindi lang naman pang boy-girl relationships ang pagmamahal <3

Q&A 28

Ano masasabi mo sa issue na Heterodox daw ang mga Protestant?
Sorry, I'm not really aware of that issue. Anyway, I don't really want to be involved much with "religious" issues for I though religion matters in one's spiritual life, it's still the relationship with Jesus that counts most.
To compensate for my ignorance of the issue, however, I would like to just suggest Protestants to read the Bible regularly (as commanded in the New testament) as not to embrace heterodoxy.

anong prices matatanggap ng mga nanalo sa Blog Awards?
Aside from the prestige (haha), I still am clueless.
I'll be receiving my prize sa group dinner na isset ng Candy Team this August.


who is the son of sir joseph priestly
Sorry. Got no idea.
Try searching about it over Google.

Wow, what can you say abou Passion Manila, i'm looking forward for a blog post... :D All I can say is WOW. God is the God of this city...
You may read my blog about through clicking on the photo below:

who is actress gloria Jean
who is actress gloria jean
I searched for her on Google and found this site.
Here's a picture of her, btw:

Q&A 27

Meron na kayo na meet na celebrity?
Proviso: read my definition of a celebrity at the preceding post (Q&A26).
Siguro kayo refers to me and my family, 'no? Anyway, we see a lot of celebrities, pero we meet only a few. I believe there's a strong difference between see & meet (am I right or am I right? haha). With that notion, we don't really get to meet all celebs we see.
Pero we've been to crusades, concerts, and conferences of Benny Hinn, Morris Cerulo, Don Moen, Anne Graham-Lotz, Hillsong United, Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Gary V., Piolo Pascual, Christian Bautista, Ku Ledesma (it is really spelled "ku"?), and others whom I cannot recall. Again, we've seen in person them but haven't really got a chance to "meet" them.
They may not be all recording artists and known movie stars, but they're public personalities, so I guess that makes them celebrities as well ;D

what do you think of Eddie Villanueva? do you think he's not a hypocrite?
I actually wanted him to win the 2006 election. I was even at the front pew (as in mega front) during his grand rally at the Quirino Grandstand last May 2006!
Well, we may appear to be a hypocrite to some, but I believed in his plans and visions for the Philippines when he ran for president last election. Out of the political realm, I see that he is a good pastor to the Jesus Is Lord (JIL) denomination. I look up to God in His life. Hindi ganon kadaling maging pastor, pramis, kaya naman I salute him for establishing and discipling a multitude.
If he'll run again, I will vote and even campaign for him!

who is your favorite college instructor/prof btw?
I don't have one. My profs & instructors are good, but it's just that I still haven't met someone that I'll give such a label. (Yeah, very fussy)

Mahilig ka ba sa books?
Lately, yes.

ano brand ng laptop mo?
It's a Neo laptop. I don't use it much, though.
I'm a hard-core user, so to speak, so I lurve my desktop computer more :-D

Hello ate Jez. Daan lang ako.
Thanks for dropping by :)

Hi :-)

who sing song with Name Gloria in them
please provide the complete title or a phrase from the song. If it's an old hymn, my parents could lend a hand :)

Q&A 26

Musta naman ang pagiging College Junior? OK ba subjects nyo?
Okay naman so far. Ang dami ko ang absences (boo for me). Lagi kasi kaming umaalis. Morever, it's great that I still am able to make-up with whatever I miss[ed].
Anyway, our subjects are okay. Medyo demanding. :D

hi jez!
Hello din sayo :)

You're smart and pretty.
..and so are you :)

what is that thing you can never doubt ?
.. that the divine Trinity is true, and that Jesus died on the cross for us out of selfless love.

Who is your favourite actress? (Local & International)
British English, eh? :-D
Well, I honestly don't have a fave actors/actresses. Perhaps, it'd be better if we'll talk about celebrities that I kinda like, k?

Operational Definition: Celebrity : famous person: somebody who is famous during his or her own lifetime (not required to be a movie/ television star)
Local: I find Donita Rose, Rica Paralejo, Toni Gonzaga, and Connie Reyes okay 'cause aside from the fact that they're all born-again Christians, they really stand for what they believe in.
Int'l: John Maxwell, Max Lucado, Joel Osteen, and others.
Disclaimer: I don't consider them idols. I just like them, in a way.

Ate Jez, ang bait mo po.
Wow. Thanks!

Q&A 25

If that's the case, why do you chose it as your course?
I guess this is a follow-up question.
Anyway, I still chose Psychology as my college course 'cause amidst its limitation (I've already mentioned abt it), I find it the most relevant course that is entitled dealing and understanding people and their nature.
Anyhow, just so you know, my reason on choosing this course is actually primarily based on my family's streak of living and lifestyle pattern.

How do you treat pimples?
I am blessed to have an almost pimple-avoidant skin. :)
Anyway, with the three times I had pimples, I just let them heal in time. I avoided pricking them and applying various ointments. I just kept on washing my face with water and my facial foam.

it seems to me that you are so inlove with Christ, do you have problems doing what He wants you to do?
The things I am expected to do spontaneously became the things that I want to do (how cool and light is that, right?). I guess being really in-love with God makes obedience an easy task thing to do.

May time na ba na God asked you to leave your comfort zone? and can you tell us about it?
Yes, many times already.
However, I consider going to the university I am currently enrolled at as the biggest step I did in obedience to what God really wants me to do. I blogged about it. Just check the left side of my main blog where I've posted my favorite blog entries.
Moreover, through this thing (college issue), I've learned and proved that God really is a BIG God, and that He won't let me face something that'd make my life of less quality. Obedience to His will is always the key to living the best life. :)
Now, I am happy that I never had to leave for college. I'm more in-love with Him, more dedicated to my ministries, more compassionate for the lost, and more happy with my life.

What's your biggest fear?
I fear God (Psalms 111:10) :-)

Q&A 24

How do you find Psychology as a course?
Psychology, as a course, is limited to tackling the old nature on man, thus defocussing on a life dedicated to Jesus Christ.

What's your hobby?
I don't think the term 'hobby' will be precise. Let's try using interests.
Okay, so some (some lang 'cause I have a LOT) of my numerous interests are photography, www, computer-geeking, literature (not in general, though), music, celestial stuff, technology, traveling, cultural obs, young people, dance & choreography, stuff in shades of violet (haha), and worship (this one's my priority).
Actually, madami pa, pero let's keep it at that for now.

Ano LSS mo?
Consuming Fire by Hillsong United from their album More than Life.

Consuming fire, fan into flame a passion for Your Name
Spirit of God, won't You fall in this place
Lord have Your way, Lord have Your way in me
naiinis ka na ba sa mga nagtatanong sayo?
Hindi naman. I wouldn't maintain this site if I am annoyed with you :)

Q&A 23

ok pretty girl, i was really laughing hard when i've read your response. but i do think you're really pretty. ;) what can you say about that? ;)
Nothing much to say. Thanks, anyway :)

Yay! We have the same fave bible verse! Um. Ano po name ng church niyo?
You love Jeremiah 29:11, too? Great! It's really powerful, no?
Let's hold on to it and live life like God has planned it to be.
Btw, I'm from J e s u s R e v i v a l C h u r c h

okay ka lng ba pretty jez?
Sobra. Lakas ng Hillsong United hangover :D
Btw, 'wag nang pretty... sounds so pa-demure. Haha.

sino ina idolize mo sa Psych?
The Bible tells us to cast out idols :)

balita ko naghillsong ka
Yeah. Some of the youth from my church were at Hillsng United's concert last May26 (Monday) at the Araneta Coliseum. AWESOME. Sobra. They still sound as great as they do on CDs and DVDs, but the fact that it was live gave a different feeling.

Q&A 22

oo nga, sige pretty nalang. right, "prettyMe!"? ;)
Nay. DON'T rub on my TTalk username. :-P
I made my account when I was still in high school, so expect a really pa-cute [and equally jologs] username. I thought of registering a new account under an a-okay username, but you know (or probably you don't) how I get too sentimental at times.
Tekaaaaaa, you're stalking me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. JK.

bakit english ka mag-blog?
Hindi naman laging English. I often use the Filipino language as well when blogging.

Sino ba kasi si UB313?
Someone who dropped by my Q&A blog last year. S/he remained anonymous and was gone for like forever.

Q&A 21

(follow-up question) [crush] hmm. magname-drop ka na. kht initials lang. haha
Nyee. 'Wag na. Baka mabasa pa nila 'to, maging feeler. :-P
Sino ba gusto mong maging crush ko kasi? ahaha. JK.
Another thing, wala naman na akong crush sa C L S U.

Malalaman mo ba kung sino ngsend ng question?
Zero chance, dear.

bakit ang cute mo? ;)
Yay! Thanks. Anyhow, parang mas okay to be pretty than cute, don't you think? :D

bakit sa four gospels ng new testament e halos pare-parehas lang ang content? bakit sa death ni jesus at sa resurrection niya e iba-iba ang versions? salamat. i'm just confused. i used to ask our youth leader but she couldn't answer it. i hope you could help me. salamat ulit. ;o)
As to why, I can't really give out a reason that would be reasonable enough :D I'm no theological genius, but I believe each book gives us a light on Christian living. Pero as you really meditate on them as written in Psalm 1 ---"But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And in His law he meditates day and night.", we would be given different revelations on different levels eventually.
Which versions of His death and resurrection are you discussing, btw?

Q&A 20

Yay! Thank you for the 20 batches of interrogations. hehe
Anyway, starting today, I won't collect the questions for soooo long then answer them all at once.
Instead, I thought of updating this Q&A blog for every at least 2 questions I receive (and answer).

Okay, answers now:

panu mu gnwa to??
freedback+ blogger + albeit of html

ano connection mo?
You mean internet connection, right? DSL.

mas magaling na singer ka o dancer?
Choreographer :)

favorite brand mo ng shoes?
for casual shoes, I like those from So!Fab and Manels.

sino crush mo sa CLSU?
chismosa/o. Haha. Ayaw ko magname-drop. Well, I used to have a crush with 2 people from CLSU. Read that again, I used to. Wala eh. I get turned-off easily.

saan mo to ginawa?
Dito sa bahay? :D
uhm, answered this already

Q&A 19

What's your favorite bible verse?
Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

What’s your fave song?
I have two top fave songs – Forever (by Hillsong) and How Great is our God (by Chris Tomlin)

Sino nammiss mo ngayon?
My nieces, Gwen and Gab.

May boyfriend ka?
Single and will be available in years pa :D

why is my feces green
I already shifted from BS Bio to BA Psychology, dude.

Q&A 18

A common conflict is in the matter of ambitions and career. Example, a father who failed to become a doctor himself may insist his son/daughter take up medicine. On the other hand, an eldest son/daughter, who is considering a call to the pastorate, may be the first professional in the family and is expected to help younger siblings get an education. I know this is not any of your problem, how would you advice someone else?

This is really a tough situation. However, I wouldn’t forget a pastor who once preached about visions and calling from the Lord. His message included statements like “When God gives you a vision, he will provide and supplement your needs to fulfill it.”

Answering a call doesn’t necessarily mean leaving all behind (although most of the time, this is the obedience God seeks from us).
In this case, the daughter/ son may pursue education in a Bible school and later get a bachelor’s, then a master’s, then a doctorate degree. That way, a balanced life is lead – the father will be pleased to have a professional offspring, while the son/ daughter is able to pursue his/ her calling.

Anyway, if this doesn’t apply, the primary choice and thing to do is to follow God’s calling since in His hands, we’ll never get lost nor abandoned.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and to succeed.”

ano feeling na mgtatapos na ang 2nd semester?

Heaven! :D
At last, I can now just stay home the whole day without thinking of any requirements.
Plus, hindi na ako sasakay ng jeep (ang ineeeeeeeet!).

Anong unit ng phone mo?

I’m not familiar with the model, but it’s a Samsung phone.

lhat ba ng question na tinatanong sayo, pinopost mo o nmimili ka lng ng mga dapat mong sagutin?
Lahat. Although siguro, if may foul na words or questions, hindi ko na lang ippost. But so far, wala pa namang ganon :)

Magbbeach kayo this summer?

I hope so! You see, I don’t really know how to swim and stuff, but I just love the beach much. I’m in-love with it. ahah

bakit matagal ka sumagot dito sa Q&A site mo?

Busy kasi. Oh well, it’s summer now!
I can afford to update this page several times a week ;)

hi! do u have sambahin ka o yahweh mps?we need it for school church presentation sana. tnx and Godbless

kindly email me at betcha_23@yahoo.com/. tnx and Gpdspeed

Hello. Inasmuch as I would want to help, I only have an old cassette tape copy of it.

Q&A 17

Hi ate jez! How old are you na? You seem to be mature when you're posting... :)

Hello. I’m only seventeen. Second year college. Uhm, matured? Hmm.. that's maybe because most of my blog posts aren’t just about petty stuffs. Thanks, anyway ;)

Kailan birthday mo?

November 8 pa.

Sino ang favorite cartoon character mo?

Slambook? Hehe. I don’t have any cartoon character fave now. Pero I used to like Winnie the Pooh back when I was still in elementary.

ano mga plans mo ngayon summer? my summer subjects ka ba?

Wala akong issummer na subject. I would want to enjoy my summer, so instead of enrolling the subjects that I missed (because of shifting into another course), I allowed a fully loaded schedule this school year.

I’m planning to visit Malaysia or Singapore again, although that’s still indefinite. Basta this coming summer season, I’m planning to read more books, blog daily, sleep late, gain more weight, have my hair cut short, conduct dance trainings and workshops, get into the youth ministry more---do more things!

Sino ang pinakamaganda sainyong magkakapatid?

We all have the same genes :-D

Anyway, this is the deal between me and my sibs:

  • Vanj is beautiful.
  • Ate Joy/ Hazel is cute (btw, she doesn’t like that term—but we have no choice.haha)
  • I am pretty ;)

Q&A 16

I believe pero ang dami nang lumalabas na contradictions about faith and the Bible di ba so parang, hindi talaga maiwasan na hindi tanungin if God is real. Paano mo nga pala nasasabing na-encounter mo na si God and na-eencounter mo siya everyday? Thanks.
Yes, it is written naman sa Bible that the last days will bring questions about the existence of God -kaya naman we really need faith. Well, I’m glad you do believe in Him amidst the contradictions of this world.
Anyway, yes, I do encounter Him everyday. Don’t you? The Holy Spirit abides in us all the time, right? Well, that’s if you have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior (if not, I can help you with that). Isn’t the Lord present when we pray? When we read the bible? Or when we just sit and do nothing? ;)

Ano ang favorite mo na food?
I just have a slender body, pero I really eat a lot (my metabolism’s just swift).
I love chocolate cakes, brazo de Mercedes cakes, mocha crunch cakes, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, Frito Lay’s Ruffles chips, vanilla ice cream, Good Shepherd’s ube jam. I have a lot of fave foods, but let’s keep it at that for now ;)

Nagka-boyfriend na po ba kayo?
Haha. I’m a NBSB – No Boyfriend Since Birth :) ..and I love being one!

Anong website pinupuntahan mo lagi?
Multiply, my friends’ blog sites, Blogger, Friendster, Gmail (I often check my mail), Candymag, Shelfari, YouTube, Seventeen.
I do trip to a lot of sites, but those are the sites I visit daily.

Ano cellphone number mo? please
Yay! I don’t announce it on public. Sorry :)

Q&A 15

ask ko lang kung ano babagay sa gown nya na maong color para sa escort nya? Thank
Aha. Dear, so you’re asking kung ano ang magandang attire hue ng escort if the girl’s gown is like that of denim (maong)?
Well, coat-and-tie never outgrows prom nights. Guys definitely reach their pogi peak when wearing their amercana. The (neck)tie should be a denim-colored one. Or, if walang medyo denim-type, any shade of blue.

Ano-ano gadgets mo?
Cellphone, Laptop, PC, Digi Cam, Vid Cam, MP3..
P.S. Wag mo ako nakawan. Hehe

paano, death? are you scared of finding out what death is like? sorry to be morbid. i mean, di ba? what if there is no God? ano sa tingin mo?
Scared? I used to be. The Bible says “Though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil.”
If there’s no God, I still won’t regret living a Christian life. I have encountered God, and is encountering Him everyday since I’ve accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour – that is more than enough to disprove that He’s not real :)
A little interrogation… Don’t you believe that God exists?

How does it feel to be rich and famous?
Total WHOA. :-D
Am I? Haha. I’m not that rich naman. Well, feels good to receive manifestations of God’s overflowing blessings. Pero, I don’t brag about it. I am blessed to be a blessing :)

kamusta naman ikaw? ok ka lng ba?
Yes. Very well.
Complications arouse several weeks ago, but I do not fret because God is in full control.
Thank you for asking ;)

Sino prom date mo nung HS?
Not really a date. We were just required to have a partner, so I had Dale, my classmate, as my prom partner back in 3rd year, while I had Levi for my senior prom.
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. Past is past. :-P

abeham dog's name
abe dog's name
abeham lincolndog's name
(ooopss… something’s wrong with your keyboard. Haha)
Abraham Lincoln’s dog was named Fido.
Check this site for the complete pet history of the great Lincoln.

whats my name
Anonymous? :-P

Q&A 14

1. ano gusto mong gift sa birthday mo? Date/Time: 2007-10-31 07:10:38 PDT

Sorry for such a late answer. Well, this question might be good for my 18th :D
I’d like something not expectable that’d break my nerves off! Haha.
Anyway, seriously, being in a family I am in, one really would have a hard time making a wish-list ;)

2. None Date/Time: 2007-11-07 12:31:56 PST

Uh. Okay.

3. God is dead. Faith means not wanting to know what is the truth. Religion is made by man, preached by man and is implemented by man. Nobody knows whether there's a God or not. Read up on Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzche and Buddhism. Bertrand Russell too. God is a projection of what man is not. If the bible says God has reasons man can't understand then why do pastors preach? A pastor is a man, therefore a pastor knows nothing about God. As the bible says so. The institution that worships is a hypocrite, it's a lie. Date/Time: 2007-12-01 18:30:04 PST

In that case, I would more likely be looked as a hypocrite and fool now, than suffer from hell and unbelief later on :)

I prefer believing into something that’s not real than not believing into something that’s real. Anyway, in reality, I truly stand firm of my faith. Having faith is believing to that which we cannot see, contrary to the world’s to see is to believe attitude.

4. Song of Sambahin Ka, Oh Yaweh Date/Time: 2007-12-15 00:13:46 PST

I only have the cassette tape format of it. I believe that song or album is not in the market anymore. How can I help you?

5. This is a random scenario: Christmas is coming, and you can only afford ten cards. You set aside 5 cards for your church leaders. Then you have the choice to give the remaining to either your closest friends, or to 5 people who are not that close to you, but you know they will not get anything for Christmas from anyone else. Who will you give the 5 cards to? Date/Time: 2007-12-16 01:02:12 PST

My instincts would initially tell me to prefer giving the other five to my closest friends. However, isn’t love more felt when it is unexpected? My friends are secured enough to understand my planned act (to give the other five to people that are not close to me).

6. Hi! Should I wear a pink dress or a black dress? For the prom I mean. Date/Time: 2007-12-26 09:16:13 PST

Pink is so girly, preppy, and common, while black is so adult-party-looking.
Try other vib shades like purple, green, blue-green, etc.

7. Wael Date/Time: 2007-12-29 05:58:47 PST


8. my name Date/Time: 2008-01-02 02:50:10 PST

Hmm.. clue, please? :)

Update coming soon

Hello, gorgeous.
Holiday was jam-packed. Sorry to keep y'all waiting.
Promise to post answers to your cute questions very soooooon. ;)

Happy new year!

Love lots,