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Q&A 2

  1. jez,.. dale to! pwede ba magtanung?,..
    Ha-ha. Nagtatanong ka na nga eh. :)
    Anyway, sure.. ano ‘yun?
  2. ate jez, bakit sabi nla pinaparusahan daw ang bad people pero yung iba sinasabi na pinagbibigyan naman daw sila ni Lord. (mau here)
    Hello, mau.
    Alright. Medyo mahaba dapat ang explanation, but to make the long short (haha), ganito..
    At the Old Testament of the Bible, God punishes the people/ place who dishonors Him. Pero, sa New Testament, it was clearly written that WE ARE NOW NOT UNDER THE LAW. This means na si Lord, hindi na siya nagppunish like that on the Old Testament (remember Sodom ad Gomorra?).
    PERO, hindi dahil we are out of the Law, we can be sinners na.
    Ang ibig sabihin nun, the Lord wants us to be righteous hindi dahil lang sa Law nor dahil takot lang tayo sa punishment, but because merely, we want to be righteous just what the Lord says so kasi we love the Lord.
  3. Nag-bblush-on ka ba?
    Yes, I do :)
  4. Pwede magtanong anything about your personal life dito sa Q&A blog mo?
    Sure. The question box out there says “ask Jez (about anything!)”.
    I would entertain all your questions (basta carry ng powers ko). He-he.
  5. hmm.. i really don't have any question to ask for. i just wanna say thanks for sharing your blog with me. mwah...
    Your name starts with an M, right? Anyway, you’re very much welcome. I share my blog only with trust-worthy people. Thanks for spending (and wasting) time going through my blog entries. I love you for that! <3>
  6. what is the tenth planet?
    ..this Q makes me reminisce my Earth Science 100 class with the prof I crushed on! Well, to prove to that I deserve my 1.25 grade, here is what I’ve searched from the innermost part of my brain!
    We only have 8 planets today.
    Anyway, the 10th planet was used to be called UB313 (313 - March &October). Later on, the planet that was nicked “Xena” for years, was called the planet ERIS.
    I can still remember that after it was declared the 10th planet, biglang nag-change ng decisions. They suddenly demoted planets Pluto and Eris to dwarf-planet status.
    Ang sad noh? After natin silang i-memorize when we were in grade school/ hs, biglang gagawing 8 na lang ang planets.. Kawawa naman ang career nila as planets :(
  7. hi jez..reasons poh y dpt me transfer..d poh xe ako mkpagdecide..tnx..
    I’m very sure who you are :)
    Anyway, look at me.. I gave up my primary choices for college - SLU and UST. If you aren’t aware of my story, everything was set already for SLU pero I still asked the Lord of His plans for me, kasi yung SLU, plan KO LANG ‘yun.
    Here are the primary reasons I see why you MUST transfer:
    - Wala ang mom mo. Ikaw ang panganay na girl. You have a big responsibility unto your dad and sisters.
    - You should make the most of your teenage years not with your books but with your family.
    - You have a purpose – a calling from the Lord for a ministry at JRC!
    - very practical
    - as the cliché goes, “There’s no place like HOME.”
    Beyond these reasons, your major source of bases should be the Lord. Go pray! :)

Whoa. Ang hahaba ng answers ko for this set of Q’s ah.

Anyway, thanks for the questions, friends. ♥Do come back ♥