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Q&A 32

you are really cute when you answers this question. :P
Really? haha. Thanks!


are you one of the top students in highschool?
Yes, I was. I was a consistent Commendable awardee and was my batch's First Honorable Mention awardee.

you reach 2977 texts?? for real?
Yup, I do receive both sms and mms messages from 2977 (so obviously, I use a Globe sim).

Favorite song from Hillsong?
Mighty to Save siguro. I also like their version of Chris Tomlin's How Great is Our God, which apparently is my top fave song.

Mighty to Save

How Great is Our God

Pls comment Ms Jez-tnx: when a married pastor fell in love with a married woman who's actually a church member.
I think that'd be enough grounds for a church pastor to be disciplined by the church authorities (say the elders, senior pastor, or the bishop). Moreover, you shouldn't condemn the pastor totally as it is the dire spirit that has taken over him that you should revile. In addition, continue to pray for him – prayers are his ultimate need of the moment.