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Q&A 24

How do you find Psychology as a course?
Psychology, as a course, is limited to tackling the old nature on man, thus defocussing on a life dedicated to Jesus Christ.

What's your hobby?
I don't think the term 'hobby' will be precise. Let's try using interests.
Okay, so some (some lang 'cause I have a LOT) of my numerous interests are photography, www, computer-geeking, literature (not in general, though), music, celestial stuff, technology, traveling, cultural obs, young people, dance & choreography, stuff in shades of violet (haha), and worship (this one's my priority).
Actually, madami pa, pero let's keep it at that for now.

Ano LSS mo?
Consuming Fire by Hillsong United from their album More than Life.

Consuming fire, fan into flame a passion for Your Name
Spirit of God, won't You fall in this place
Lord have Your way, Lord have Your way in me
naiinis ka na ba sa mga nagtatanong sayo?
Hindi naman. I wouldn't maintain this site if I am annoyed with you :)