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Q&A 41

wow! natuwa naman ako sa sagot mo sa last question sa november 4 post mo. where did you learn all these things? i'm amazed. :)
Yay! Salamat nagdala ako ng tuwa sayo :-D
Where did I learn? Well, I am continually learning through my daily walk with God.

graduating ka na diba? any plans after college?
Sana :)
My dad would always joke na matutulog daw muna ako ng isang taon pagkatapos kong maka-graduate. HAHA. Seriously, though, I'm planning to tithe a year working full-time at our local church.

is it working??
This? Yes, it is!

could you explain to me what Luke 7:35 mean? i don't really get it.
The message version says, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." 

Happy birthday! You don't look your age. :)
Yay! Thank you both for the birthday greeting and the bola :D

Any special moments today?
A LOT. Will just blog about it :)

Q&A 40

This blog has just been revived! :-D


Yay! It worked!

maluho ka no?
Define maluho.

tagal mong nawala ah.. anong nangyari dito?
Hindi naman ako nawala, naging outdated lang itong Q&A blog.
Anyway, I figured out na hindi na pala nag-wwork yung question/freedback form.

ate maarte ka ba?
I think we all have a sense of arte, but with varying levels lang. Mine is just apt :)

=D la lng..
Wala lang din :-P

Do you believe that there is no such a word as "pastora" in the Bible?....BECAUSE it is a shame for women to speak in church!!!!.............that's according to 1 Corinthians 14:34-35.....pls! READ
Theology majors tell us that on this passage, the apostle Paul talks about the defiant women in Corinth. Moreover, the New Testament actually has its times' 'pastora' or lady pastors -- there's Pheobe (Romans 16:1-2), Euodia and Syntyche (Philippians 4:2-3), and others. They were even commended by Paul for their acts of spreading the gospel with him.
Also, it's important to note that pastors are not only those who are officially installed to pastor a local church. A pastor is one who has a heart of it -- that is, a pastor's heart :)

Q&A 39

Unanswered questions from 2008

wishlist? for your upcoming birthday?
Aww.. Tapos na, but thank you for asking.

tapos na ba birthday mo kelan?
Click here

where are you studying?
Click here

mukang mahirap madistinguish kung ano yun question sa answer. mukang nabagp format ng blog mo?
I just changed it. Okay na ba?

Parang mahirap kang i-approach.
I heard so. Pero sabi rin nila, PARANG lang :)

ano feeling ng 18 na? same thing pa din ba?
During the first few weeks of being 18, I actually didn’t feel anything different. Conversely, though, I never fail to recognize that I keep on learning everyday kaya there’s always a venue for me to grow as I continue to live life everyday :) So yes, pareho pa rin... I still keep on learning more about life – its complexities as well as simplicity.

who sings Icee?
No idea

your LSS?
Majesty (Here I Am). ‘Yun kasi ang latest video sa YouTube channel ko.

i like your hair, what's your secret? or can you give me some tips to manage my hair well... thank you...
Gee, thanks!
Well, I don’t really have like hair mantras. In fact, I’ve never had any treatment on my hair – not even hot oil! Shampoo everyday—that’s pretty much it :D


hello musta ka na?
Thank you for asking. I’m good :)

wow. so you really are researching re the questions submitted to you. noli me tangere or el filibusterismo? why?
haha. Hindi naman, pag sinisipag lang.
El Filibusterismo.. just because.

Waht are the top 100 banks in USA
With the economic crisis at hand, I have no idea.

meron ka bang kilala na mag-bibirthday ng May?
Russel G

You have a pair of colored skinny jeans? I find it "jologs"... haha! :-P
Hahah. My ate would often tell me “Yayas’ day out!” whenever she sees a group of ladies with colored skinny jeans on.
I had a pair, though, before they became like the rural fad. :-P

maarte ka ba?
Not the eww-yuck-I-don’t-eat-streetfoods type.
..but, uhm, I guess we all have our little sides of ka-artehan :)

pano to?
Yan, na-try mo na :D


pano po magayos ng multiply?
Click CUSTOMIZE (under your headshot) on the right sidebar

pano po ba mag BOLD ng texts at Italic ng text sa Fter?? sa about me po? TNX. :))
For example, in the phrase HELLO WELOCOME THANK YOU, you’d want to make the “welcome” in bold letters, put <> (without the spaces) WELCOME < / b > (without spaces again).

san po kayo nageedit ng Pics??
.NET photo editor

hi jez! how's your summer? saan OJT mo?
Hello. My summer’s great, so far. Love the summerrain!
OJT? Tell you next time pag okay na lahat.

Q&A 38

how do you type the heart?
PC's accessories/ systems menu

what phone are you using right now?
still my red samsung phone (photo can be found on this link)

why is there no connection between you and your blockmates? :)
Maybe because neither tries to make one :)
Another thing siguro would be because since we are quite grown-ups already, we already have our own cliques.

Ateneo won. did you watch the game?
Yes, I did. Pero hindi ko natapos e.

what is the tenth planet?
I think someone asked me the same question when I was just starting wit this blog.
Check this old link.

who's your favorite cartoon character?
Wala, e. Anyhow, during my elemenary years, I liked Winnie the Pooh (kaya naman yung diary ko na ginagamit pa rin hanggan nagyon, si Pooh ang cover).

How old are you, Ate Jez?
..will be 18 on the 8th :)

What's the website that you frequently update?
My main blog site.

Do you know how to hack? :-O
Hindi pa :-P

Q&A 37

Ang cute ng videos mo sa YouTube
Thanks! Those are works of the heart

How are you? Did you miss me? :-)
I'm fine, thanks for asking. How about you?
I haven't missed an stranger anonymous one, though. :-P

Ateneo or La Salle?
*drum beats* "Go, Ateneo!"

reasonable causes?!?... C'moun!! :/
Yes, I find them reasonable.
Peace. Wag tayong mag-away. :-D

Colored skinny jeans?
I'm okay with them. I have a green-colored pair.

Q&A 36

What is your favorite color?

Shades of purple.
I also like yellow and green (right, Mr.Fierelly? haha) :-)

Are you a starbucks person? Do you like drinking coffee?

At coffee shops, I prefer having a cup of hot chocolate over coffee.
And no, I'm not a 'Starbucks person'.

Do you talk to your parents about your problems?
Yup! They're like my diaries already, actually :-P

Siguro may nagtatanong sayo dito na iba na type ka.. bwahaha
Bwahaha nga :))

what do you do when you dont have anything to do? haha
Tricky [but equally silly] question.
Well, to match your wit, I guess merely breathing or sitting is already something to do. Nyeee.

sinong kinaiinisan mo ngayon?
I just knew that Ray Boltz is gay! Oh noooo.
Anyway, hindi naman ako 'naiinis' sa kanya. I'm just disappointed.
(e bakit siya ang nilaga mo na sagot? Kasi wala na akong maisip na iba.)

soooo.. I see that we're block mates. :D
Hindi naman. My absences have reasonable causes naman.
Post note: I have excuse letters left. I can let you read one. haha. Kidding. Relax ;)

Q&A 35

You enjoyed your island hopping? ehhe
Yes, very much! Traveling is especially fun when with the people one loves most :-)

you didnt have school? i mean, you went island hopping... so that means you didnt go to school right?
I'm currently a college junior, so I basically am enrolled at a school/ univ.
Good timing it was but the week when we were at Davao was also CLSU's intramurals week.
I missed some academic matters (esp when we were in Cebu), but I'm catching up.

it seems that you & your siblings are really close. what's your favorite thing to do when you're together?
We really are. We love to talk, talk, and talk while having much to eat, eat, and eat!

are you always online?
I have a life to live so I've been trying to control my net usage lately :D

paano gumawa ng ganitong blogspot? parang masayang gayahin eh.. hehe.. peace
A little bit of html and stuff.
Blogger offers a free blogging system, btw.
Gagayahin mo 'to? Inform me so I could visit your future site, too! :)

HAve you ever been attracted to any guy before? Like physical attraction. And what can make you or have made lose that attraction if there was any? Hehe
Have you ever felt attracted to a guy before? Like physical attraction perhaps. and what can make you lose your attraction to a guy?
I think I'd be a robot (and a total liar) if I'd negate being attracted to another, as in ever. Probably, physical admiration may pass to those that I had or have a crush on. Pero man, that's the lamest attraction one can have. haha.
Besides, I don't try to focus on men/boys, kaya siguro I seldom get 'attracted' to someone. Ito ha, hindi pa-wholesome image, pero I'm committed to not yet engage myself with liking boys/guys/men (or whatever you'd prefer to call them).
Well, the opposite sex aren't just the thing of these times. There's a time for everything, and as for now and for me, getting attracted with (and attracting) boys are real loser-stuff. hahaha.
My song for that:

My Future Decided (Hillsong United)

why is it that after we eat, we suddenly feel sleepy?
I found this site.
Search about it over google .

saan ka laging nagsstay sa bahay niyo?
1. My parents' room
2. Living room
3. My room