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Q&A 33

those mms from 2977 are sent for free?
Absolutely for free :-)
You just have to activate your mobile phone's mms feature.

hahaha! :)) now thats cute :P

Do you think having friends who are 'non christians' wrong? If i have friends like them, does that mean i am 'violating' what God said about being yoked with unbelievers? or that verse is only for 'love relationships?'
Not all all. However, the Bible tells us: "Let them come to you, but you must not come to them." This means that with non-Christian friends or those that are not of the same faith as you have shouldn't be a means of them influencing us. Rather, we should get to influence them (share the gospel with them). Besides, how can we win the lost if we never get to be with them, right?

your family is really amazing, amazing in the sense that everyone of you really has these good relationship, how do you manage to keep these relationship with your parents and siblings?
Thank you for the compliment.
I strongly believe that the good familial relationship we have is rooted directly with our united faith in the Lord. Also, we serve the Lord altogether so our ties are really strengthened.
Truly, when things are surrendered to the Lord, they are blessed much-much-much!

anong reaksyon mo pag nalalaman mo na may naninira sayo?
Ignore. I totally have nothing to do with those people, right?

how are you yesterday, today nd maybe 2morw? ;-)
I was at the G12 National Conference! (click here)

you knw wat, you have the potential to join beauty pageants! do you want? your sooooo pretty kx!
Wow. Thanks.
I haven't joined any beauty pageant, though. I think such events aren't just my thing. hehe.
Thanks again, sweety.