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Q&A 26

Musta naman ang pagiging College Junior? OK ba subjects nyo?
Okay naman so far. Ang dami ko ang absences (boo for me). Lagi kasi kaming umaalis. Morever, it's great that I still am able to make-up with whatever I miss[ed].
Anyway, our subjects are okay. Medyo demanding. :D

hi jez!
Hello din sayo :)

You're smart and pretty.
..and so are you :)

what is that thing you can never doubt ?
.. that the divine Trinity is true, and that Jesus died on the cross for us out of selfless love.

Who is your favourite actress? (Local & International)
British English, eh? :-D
Well, I honestly don't have a fave actors/actresses. Perhaps, it'd be better if we'll talk about celebrities that I kinda like, k?

Operational Definition: Celebrity : famous person: somebody who is famous during his or her own lifetime (not required to be a movie/ television star)
Local: I find Donita Rose, Rica Paralejo, Toni Gonzaga, and Connie Reyes okay 'cause aside from the fact that they're all born-again Christians, they really stand for what they believe in.
Int'l: John Maxwell, Max Lucado, Joel Osteen, and others.
Disclaimer: I don't consider them idols. I just like them, in a way.

Ate Jez, ang bait mo po.
Wow. Thanks!