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Q&A 25

If that's the case, why do you chose it as your course?
I guess this is a follow-up question.
Anyway, I still chose Psychology as my college course 'cause amidst its limitation (I've already mentioned abt it), I find it the most relevant course that is entitled dealing and understanding people and their nature.
Anyhow, just so you know, my reason on choosing this course is actually primarily based on my family's streak of living and lifestyle pattern.

How do you treat pimples?
I am blessed to have an almost pimple-avoidant skin. :)
Anyway, with the three times I had pimples, I just let them heal in time. I avoided pricking them and applying various ointments. I just kept on washing my face with water and my facial foam.

it seems to me that you are so inlove with Christ, do you have problems doing what He wants you to do?
The things I am expected to do spontaneously became the things that I want to do (how cool and light is that, right?). I guess being really in-love with God makes obedience an easy task thing to do.

May time na ba na God asked you to leave your comfort zone? and can you tell us about it?
Yes, many times already.
However, I consider going to the university I am currently enrolled at as the biggest step I did in obedience to what God really wants me to do. I blogged about it. Just check the left side of my main blog where I've posted my favorite blog entries.
Moreover, through this thing (college issue), I've learned and proved that God really is a BIG God, and that He won't let me face something that'd make my life of less quality. Obedience to His will is always the key to living the best life. :)
Now, I am happy that I never had to leave for college. I'm more in-love with Him, more dedicated to my ministries, more compassionate for the lost, and more happy with my life.

What's your biggest fear?
I fear God (Psalms 111:10) :-)