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Q&A 29

what time do you usually sleep at night?
Okay, at night early mornings, I usually sleep at around 1-2 AM.
Stressed much? Uh-uh. I get to have enough sleep pa rin naman.

why are you so cute? :))
Am I? Another HAHAHA.

Born Again pala si Toni Gonzaga? :P
Yup! Kaya nga she got Sam Milby, Luis Manzano, and other suitors busted 'cause she wanted to have a relationship with a man whom she shares the same faith and beliefs with.
Showbiz naman natin today! :-P

Sino ang napanaginipan mo kagabi?
IKAW. Ahahaha. JK.
Someone from my block :-P

Kapag ba kinausap kita, kakusapin mo din ako kahit hindi tayo close?
Oo naman. Approachable naman ako, though I appeal otherwise.

Who do you think is prettier? You or Vanj?
The same DNA runs through us, so I guess it'd be vague to compare ;-)

Where do you want to go after your college graduation?
I would want to just stay in the wonderful presence of my mooother and faaaather (nyee, tamad. Ayaw mag-trabaho.) :D
Going to APTS is also an option :)

What's your favorite thing in Baguio City?
PlaceUpper QM!

What's your NSTP?
Unbelievable, but I had ROTC for my NSTP. HAH.
Think high-cut army boots and fatigue uniform!

Sandara Park or Kim Chiu?
I like neither, pero since I have to choose one, si Ms.My Girl nalang.

Who's your celebrity crush?
All my friends, shout it out---- Japoy Lizardo :D
(and Chris Tomlin, too!)

What do you hink of the new hairbands with humongous ribbons? do you have one?
Those stuff which make people look like walking Mini Mouses? hehe
Nope, I don't have one. I don't also think I would ever buy one :-P
(no offense to fans of such "fashion")

What is your homepage?
This is an actual screenshot from my desktop:

Describe your room.
Lovely (yet disorganized at times)

How are you today?
We tried out having welcome groups during our youth service this evening. It was totally fun!
On the other hand, I'm trying to exert more effort with school stuff as I guess I've been quite negligent last month. The Bible says we should do EVERYTHING for the glory of God -- and that includes doing school works!

What's your favorite TV show right now?
I don't really get to watch TV lately, but I find Ako Si Kim Samsoon of GMA-7 cute :D

define bad.
That which is not good :-P

Nagmahal ka na ba?
HAHAHA. Cheesy :D
Oo naman. Hindi lang naman pang boy-girl relationships ang pagmamahal <3