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Q&A 38

how do you type the heart?
PC's accessories/ systems menu

what phone are you using right now?
still my red samsung phone (photo can be found on this link)

why is there no connection between you and your blockmates? :)
Maybe because neither tries to make one :)
Another thing siguro would be because since we are quite grown-ups already, we already have our own cliques.

Ateneo won. did you watch the game?
Yes, I did. Pero hindi ko natapos e.

what is the tenth planet?
I think someone asked me the same question when I was just starting wit this blog.
Check this old link.

who's your favorite cartoon character?
Wala, e. Anyhow, during my elemenary years, I liked Winnie the Pooh (kaya naman yung diary ko na ginagamit pa rin hanggan nagyon, si Pooh ang cover).

How old are you, Ate Jez?
..will be 18 on the 8th :)

What's the website that you frequently update?
My main blog site.

Do you know how to hack? :-O
Hindi pa :-P