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Q&A 14

1. ano gusto mong gift sa birthday mo? Date/Time: 2007-10-31 07:10:38 PDT

Sorry for such a late answer. Well, this question might be good for my 18th :D
I’d like something not expectable that’d break my nerves off! Haha.
Anyway, seriously, being in a family I am in, one really would have a hard time making a wish-list ;)

2. None Date/Time: 2007-11-07 12:31:56 PST

Uh. Okay.

3. God is dead. Faith means not wanting to know what is the truth. Religion is made by man, preached by man and is implemented by man. Nobody knows whether there's a God or not. Read up on Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzche and Buddhism. Bertrand Russell too. God is a projection of what man is not. If the bible says God has reasons man can't understand then why do pastors preach? A pastor is a man, therefore a pastor knows nothing about God. As the bible says so. The institution that worships is a hypocrite, it's a lie. Date/Time: 2007-12-01 18:30:04 PST

In that case, I would more likely be looked as a hypocrite and fool now, than suffer from hell and unbelief later on :)

I prefer believing into something that’s not real than not believing into something that’s real. Anyway, in reality, I truly stand firm of my faith. Having faith is believing to that which we cannot see, contrary to the world’s to see is to believe attitude.

4. Song of Sambahin Ka, Oh Yaweh Date/Time: 2007-12-15 00:13:46 PST

I only have the cassette tape format of it. I believe that song or album is not in the market anymore. How can I help you?

5. This is a random scenario: Christmas is coming, and you can only afford ten cards. You set aside 5 cards for your church leaders. Then you have the choice to give the remaining to either your closest friends, or to 5 people who are not that close to you, but you know they will not get anything for Christmas from anyone else. Who will you give the 5 cards to? Date/Time: 2007-12-16 01:02:12 PST

My instincts would initially tell me to prefer giving the other five to my closest friends. However, isn’t love more felt when it is unexpected? My friends are secured enough to understand my planned act (to give the other five to people that are not close to me).

6. Hi! Should I wear a pink dress or a black dress? For the prom I mean. Date/Time: 2007-12-26 09:16:13 PST

Pink is so girly, preppy, and common, while black is so adult-party-looking.
Try other vib shades like purple, green, blue-green, etc.

7. Wael Date/Time: 2007-12-29 05:58:47 PST


8. my name Date/Time: 2008-01-02 02:50:10 PST

Hmm.. clue, please? :)