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Q&A 28

Ano masasabi mo sa issue na Heterodox daw ang mga Protestant?
Sorry, I'm not really aware of that issue. Anyway, I don't really want to be involved much with "religious" issues for I though religion matters in one's spiritual life, it's still the relationship with Jesus that counts most.
To compensate for my ignorance of the issue, however, I would like to just suggest Protestants to read the Bible regularly (as commanded in the New testament) as not to embrace heterodoxy.

anong prices matatanggap ng mga nanalo sa Blog Awards?
Aside from the prestige (haha), I still am clueless.
I'll be receiving my prize sa group dinner na isset ng Candy Team this August.


who is the son of sir joseph priestly
Sorry. Got no idea.
Try searching about it over Google.

Wow, what can you say abou Passion Manila, i'm looking forward for a blog post... :D All I can say is WOW. God is the God of this city...
You may read my blog about through clicking on the photo below:

who is actress gloria Jean
who is actress gloria jean
I searched for her on Google and found this site.
Here's a picture of her, btw: