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Q&A 18

A common conflict is in the matter of ambitions and career. Example, a father who failed to become a doctor himself may insist his son/daughter take up medicine. On the other hand, an eldest son/daughter, who is considering a call to the pastorate, may be the first professional in the family and is expected to help younger siblings get an education. I know this is not any of your problem, how would you advice someone else?

This is really a tough situation. However, I wouldn’t forget a pastor who once preached about visions and calling from the Lord. His message included statements like “When God gives you a vision, he will provide and supplement your needs to fulfill it.”

Answering a call doesn’t necessarily mean leaving all behind (although most of the time, this is the obedience God seeks from us).
In this case, the daughter/ son may pursue education in a Bible school and later get a bachelor’s, then a master’s, then a doctorate degree. That way, a balanced life is lead – the father will be pleased to have a professional offspring, while the son/ daughter is able to pursue his/ her calling.

Anyway, if this doesn’t apply, the primary choice and thing to do is to follow God’s calling since in His hands, we’ll never get lost nor abandoned.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and to succeed.”

ano feeling na mgtatapos na ang 2nd semester?

Heaven! :D
At last, I can now just stay home the whole day without thinking of any requirements.
Plus, hindi na ako sasakay ng jeep (ang ineeeeeeeet!).

Anong unit ng phone mo?

I’m not familiar with the model, but it’s a Samsung phone.

lhat ba ng question na tinatanong sayo, pinopost mo o nmimili ka lng ng mga dapat mong sagutin?
Lahat. Although siguro, if may foul na words or questions, hindi ko na lang ippost. But so far, wala pa namang ganon :)

Magbbeach kayo this summer?

I hope so! You see, I don’t really know how to swim and stuff, but I just love the beach much. I’m in-love with it. ahah

bakit matagal ka sumagot dito sa Q&A site mo?

Busy kasi. Oh well, it’s summer now!
I can afford to update this page several times a week ;)

hi! do u have sambahin ka o yahweh mps?we need it for school church presentation sana. tnx and Godbless

kindly email me at betcha_23@yahoo.com/. tnx and Gpdspeed

Hello. Inasmuch as I would want to help, I only have an old cassette tape copy of it.