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Q&A 23

ok pretty girl, i was really laughing hard when i've read your response. but i do think you're really pretty. ;) what can you say about that? ;)
Nothing much to say. Thanks, anyway :)

Yay! We have the same fave bible verse! Um. Ano po name ng church niyo?
You love Jeremiah 29:11, too? Great! It's really powerful, no?
Let's hold on to it and live life like God has planned it to be.
Btw, I'm from J e s u s R e v i v a l C h u r c h

okay ka lng ba pretty jez?
Sobra. Lakas ng Hillsong United hangover :D
Btw, 'wag nang pretty... sounds so pa-demure. Haha.

sino ina idolize mo sa Psych?
The Bible tells us to cast out idols :)

balita ko naghillsong ka
Yeah. Some of the youth from my church were at Hillsng United's concert last May26 (Monday) at the Araneta Coliseum. AWESOME. Sobra. They still sound as great as they do on CDs and DVDs, but the fact that it was live gave a different feeling.