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Q&A 33

those mms from 2977 are sent for free?
Absolutely for free :-)
You just have to activate your mobile phone's mms feature.

hahaha! :)) now thats cute :P

Do you think having friends who are 'non christians' wrong? If i have friends like them, does that mean i am 'violating' what God said about being yoked with unbelievers? or that verse is only for 'love relationships?'
Not all all. However, the Bible tells us: "Let them come to you, but you must not come to them." This means that with non-Christian friends or those that are not of the same faith as you have shouldn't be a means of them influencing us. Rather, we should get to influence them (share the gospel with them). Besides, how can we win the lost if we never get to be with them, right?

your family is really amazing, amazing in the sense that everyone of you really has these good relationship, how do you manage to keep these relationship with your parents and siblings?
Thank you for the compliment.
I strongly believe that the good familial relationship we have is rooted directly with our united faith in the Lord. Also, we serve the Lord altogether so our ties are really strengthened.
Truly, when things are surrendered to the Lord, they are blessed much-much-much!

anong reaksyon mo pag nalalaman mo na may naninira sayo?
Ignore. I totally have nothing to do with those people, right?

how are you yesterday, today nd maybe 2morw? ;-)
I was at the G12 National Conference! (click here)

you knw wat, you have the potential to join beauty pageants! do you want? your sooooo pretty kx!
Wow. Thanks.
I haven't joined any beauty pageant, though. I think such events aren't just my thing. hehe.
Thanks again, sweety.

Q&A 32

you are really cute when you answers this question. :P
Really? haha. Thanks!


are you one of the top students in highschool?
Yes, I was. I was a consistent Commendable awardee and was my batch's First Honorable Mention awardee.

you reach 2977 texts?? for real?
Yup, I do receive both sms and mms messages from 2977 (so obviously, I use a Globe sim).

Favorite song from Hillsong?
Mighty to Save siguro. I also like their version of Chris Tomlin's How Great is Our God, which apparently is my top fave song.

Mighty to Save

How Great is Our God

Pls comment Ms Jez-tnx: when a married pastor fell in love with a married woman who's actually a church member.
I think that'd be enough grounds for a church pastor to be disciplined by the church authorities (say the elders, senior pastor, or the bishop). Moreover, you shouldn't condemn the pastor totally as it is the dire spirit that has taken over him that you should revile. In addition, continue to pray for him – prayers are his ultimate need of the moment.

Q&A 31

your reaction when 2977 texts you?
Date/: 2008-08-17
I don't really check on my phone from time to time, so messages from 2977 do not bother me at all. Btw, I find the mms's they send cute :)

do you have a rubix cube?
Date: 2008-08-17
Wala, e. (buy me one! haha. JK)

you don't have much friends on your block right?! hehe:D
Date: 2008-08-18
To begin with, I shall commend you for your good observation :-P
It's important to note that I'm not anti-social, though. It's just that I prefer to spend my time [after my/our classes] with other things/ people -- and those "things/peope" doesn't often lead to them. I have nothing against my college blockmates, though.
It appeals to be that there's no.. uhm.. connection between us (that's just a notion, k).

Wedding at age...?
Date: 2008-08-19
Not younger than 26.

Ever fell in-love with the opposite sex?
Date: 2008-08-19
As in that which will pass for a girl-boy relationship? I believe I haven't.

What has always been your ultimate price possesion?
Date: 2008-08-19
The NIV Bible my mom gave me :-)

haha what do you mean by 'yet' (about the stalkers thing) ? :))
Date: 2008-08-19
Haha. Waley. I just don't have stalkers, and I can't say if there'll be any.
(wag naman sana)

is west africa in poverty?
Date: 2008-08-21
I think they're neither in a depressed nor a flamboyantly prosperous state. However, I think WA's richer than SA.
Hmm.. I sense a missionary heart :D

Q&A 30

having a site like this gives you stalkers, right? how do you deal with them?
Stalkers? Well, I don't think this site stirs up stalking me, yet :-P

Hi ate Jez. Saan kayo nagpa-brace?
Dr. Romualdo (TMJ Clinic)
You may visit his clinic at the first floor of Nieves Bldg (STI San Jose)

how to you do your screenshots? thanks!
You just need a keyboard that offers such function key. Most laptops have this function key, btw.
Just press whatever code or key for screenshots your keyboard has, then save it through your choice of picture editor/ manager.

do you believe in destiny?
Yes, I do. In Jeremiah 29:11, the Lord declares , "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
As Ptr.Frank S a n t o s would always say after reading the passage mentioned above,

"Say it with me--- I have a destiny -- a destiny to to succeed, to prosper and to overcome; with a distinction and to make a difference. "

Bakit hindi ka naguupdate sa Friendster mo? parang ang konti ng laman.
Both of my private and public Friendster accounts are outdated 'cause multiply and blogger/ blogspot are the ones that I frequently update. Kindly click on the links on the sidebar (at the right part) of this page to navigate.

Last question (not posted)

I received a
question about how we dealt with my ate's marriage. However, I hope you guys would understand and respect my decision for choosing not to give detailed answers abt it. Private much, I think? :D
On the other hand, to compensate for my decision, this is our super kaduper ultra mega happy (and gorgeous) family :-D

Q&A 29

what time do you usually sleep at night?
Okay, at night early mornings, I usually sleep at around 1-2 AM.
Stressed much? Uh-uh. I get to have enough sleep pa rin naman.

why are you so cute? :))
Am I? Another HAHAHA.

Born Again pala si Toni Gonzaga? :P
Yup! Kaya nga she got Sam Milby, Luis Manzano, and other suitors busted 'cause she wanted to have a relationship with a man whom she shares the same faith and beliefs with.
Showbiz naman natin today! :-P

Sino ang napanaginipan mo kagabi?
IKAW. Ahahaha. JK.
Someone from my block :-P

Kapag ba kinausap kita, kakusapin mo din ako kahit hindi tayo close?
Oo naman. Approachable naman ako, though I appeal otherwise.

Who do you think is prettier? You or Vanj?
The same DNA runs through us, so I guess it'd be vague to compare ;-)

Where do you want to go after your college graduation?
I would want to just stay in the wonderful presence of my mooother and faaaather (nyee, tamad. Ayaw mag-trabaho.) :D
Going to APTS is also an option :)

What's your favorite thing in Baguio City?
PlaceUpper QM!

What's your NSTP?
Unbelievable, but I had ROTC for my NSTP. HAH.
Think high-cut army boots and fatigue uniform!

Sandara Park or Kim Chiu?
I like neither, pero since I have to choose one, si Ms.My Girl nalang.

Who's your celebrity crush?
All my friends, shout it out---- Japoy Lizardo :D
(and Chris Tomlin, too!)

What do you hink of the new hairbands with humongous ribbons? do you have one?
Those stuff which make people look like walking Mini Mouses? hehe
Nope, I don't have one. I don't also think I would ever buy one :-P
(no offense to fans of such "fashion")

What is your homepage?
This is an actual screenshot from my desktop:

Describe your room.
Lovely (yet disorganized at times)

How are you today?
We tried out having welcome groups during our youth service this evening. It was totally fun!
On the other hand, I'm trying to exert more effort with school stuff as I guess I've been quite negligent last month. The Bible says we should do EVERYTHING for the glory of God -- and that includes doing school works!

What's your favorite TV show right now?
I don't really get to watch TV lately, but I find Ako Si Kim Samsoon of GMA-7 cute :D

define bad.
That which is not good :-P

Nagmahal ka na ba?
HAHAHA. Cheesy :D
Oo naman. Hindi lang naman pang boy-girl relationships ang pagmamahal <3

Q&A 28

Ano masasabi mo sa issue na Heterodox daw ang mga Protestant?
Sorry, I'm not really aware of that issue. Anyway, I don't really want to be involved much with "religious" issues for I though religion matters in one's spiritual life, it's still the relationship with Jesus that counts most.
To compensate for my ignorance of the issue, however, I would like to just suggest Protestants to read the Bible regularly (as commanded in the New testament) as not to embrace heterodoxy.

anong prices matatanggap ng mga nanalo sa Blog Awards?
Aside from the prestige (haha), I still am clueless.
I'll be receiving my prize sa group dinner na isset ng Candy Team this August.


who is the son of sir joseph priestly
Sorry. Got no idea.
Try searching about it over Google.

Wow, what can you say abou Passion Manila, i'm looking forward for a blog post... :D All I can say is WOW. God is the God of this city...
You may read my blog about through clicking on the photo below:

who is actress gloria Jean
who is actress gloria jean
I searched for her on Google and found this site.
Here's a picture of her, btw: