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Q&A 27

Meron na kayo na meet na celebrity?
Proviso: read my definition of a celebrity at the preceding post (Q&A26).
Siguro kayo refers to me and my family, 'no? Anyway, we see a lot of celebrities, pero we meet only a few. I believe there's a strong difference between see & meet (am I right or am I right? haha). With that notion, we don't really get to meet all celebs we see.
Pero we've been to crusades, concerts, and conferences of Benny Hinn, Morris Cerulo, Don Moen, Anne Graham-Lotz, Hillsong United, Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Gary V., Piolo Pascual, Christian Bautista, Ku Ledesma (it is really spelled "ku"?), and others whom I cannot recall. Again, we've seen in person them but haven't really got a chance to "meet" them.
They may not be all recording artists and known movie stars, but they're public personalities, so I guess that makes them celebrities as well ;D

what do you think of Eddie Villanueva? do you think he's not a hypocrite?
I actually wanted him to win the 2006 election. I was even at the front pew (as in mega front) during his grand rally at the Quirino Grandstand last May 2006!
Well, we may appear to be a hypocrite to some, but I believed in his plans and visions for the Philippines when he ran for president last election. Out of the political realm, I see that he is a good pastor to the Jesus Is Lord (JIL) denomination. I look up to God in His life. Hindi ganon kadaling maging pastor, pramis, kaya naman I salute him for establishing and discipling a multitude.
If he'll run again, I will vote and even campaign for him!

who is your favorite college instructor/prof btw?
I don't have one. My profs & instructors are good, but it's just that I still haven't met someone that I'll give such a label. (Yeah, very fussy)

Mahilig ka ba sa books?
Lately, yes.

ano brand ng laptop mo?
It's a Neo laptop. I don't use it much, though.
I'm a hard-core user, so to speak, so I lurve my desktop computer more :-D

Hello ate Jez. Daan lang ako.
Thanks for dropping by :)

Hi :-)

who sing song with Name Gloria in them
please provide the complete title or a phrase from the song. If it's an old hymn, my parents could lend a hand :)