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Q&A 20

Yay! Thank you for the 20 batches of interrogations. hehe
Anyway, starting today, I won't collect the questions for soooo long then answer them all at once.
Instead, I thought of updating this Q&A blog for every at least 2 questions I receive (and answer).

Okay, answers now:

panu mu gnwa to??
freedback+ blogger + albeit of html

ano connection mo?
You mean internet connection, right? DSL.

mas magaling na singer ka o dancer?
Choreographer :)

favorite brand mo ng shoes?
for casual shoes, I like those from So!Fab and Manels.

sino crush mo sa CLSU?
chismosa/o. Haha. Ayaw ko magname-drop. Well, I used to have a crush with 2 people from CLSU. Read that again, I used to. Wala eh. I get turned-off easily.

saan mo to ginawa?
Dito sa bahay? :D
uhm, answered this already