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Q&A 13

Physics Brainteaser: I’m not going to give you the answer yet. But this is a hint. Yes, it is possible. The scenario was use in a csi show. It could also be a true story. =) I'm excited about this because I was the one who got it first.

Nafifeel mo ba kung sino nagtanong ng "kumusta ka naman ngayon"?
No idea at all. Ikaw ba? :-P

ano ang ayaw mo na itanong sa iyo?
Questions that aim to pursue insensible debates.

bakit psych ang napili mo na major?
Related kasi with our family’s streak of living, as well as with my church minsitry.

paano kita magiging best friend?
Haha. Well, I don’t know. People often see me as someone’s who’s hard to befriend, pero in reality, I am not. Anyway, going back to your cute question, I don’t really make best friends. I unconsciously and naturally earn them.
Siguro it’d be the right chemistry :)

they're triplets. so they can't be identical nor fraternal twin. =) this is long time over due!
Hah! Finally! Gracious. Am I too dumb not to get that? Haha. Well, thanks for the new input :D

ano ang pahimaton?
It’s like clue, when translated. Uh, pero sa totoo lang, ‘di naman siya popular word :p

Ano naman gagawin mo sa sem break?
I’m working for the church, mostly with the multi-media and the dance ministry. I’m also planning to have a total room cleaning. It’s gross already. :p

You watch Marimar?
Not really a fan of it, pero since Nanay Paz is a fanatic, I eventually get the chance to watch daily. Mas gusto ko yung kay Sarah Geronimo. Haha. Corny ba?

Q&A 12

1. anong klaseng kaibigan ka?
Good :) I am not everybody’s best friend, though.
Well, I’m a sacrificing friend. I can carry on sufferings for my friends who are, of course, worthy of them (sacrifices).
I am a friend who talks a lot, and listens a lot, too :D
Pero if you'd ask kung anong klaseng best friend ako,


2. bakit gusto mo na may nagttanong sa iyo?
Wala naming extreme reason. I just wanted to build up a site where people would have the chance to ask me questions—plus hindi ko malalaman who asks me such questions, e di free kayo, ‘di ba? :)
Im a very private person kasi, so this Q&A blog site is like my public outlet.

3. pano mo gnwa itong q&a dito sa blogger?slmat.")
This isn’t a feature of Blogger. Got to have knowledge on html’s :)

4. kelan bday mo?
November 8.

5. my physics professor asked me this: there are two siblings, both born on the same day and same year. they have the same father and mother. but they are not twins -- identical nor fraternal. is this possible?
Whoa. Maybe one’s legally adopted. Haha. 'Di ba hindi naman same 'biological' parents? Kidding.
I guess that isn’t possible. Btw, if your prof would give you the right answer, please let me be informed, okay?

6. do you ever think of being a pastor?
Well, yes. I’m thinking of going to a theological school after college, BUT right now, I’m happy with how I am serving the Lord. If wala namang calling, I better not pursue that plan. I’ll just go for whatever the Lord wants me to do and to be.

7. So far anong tanong dito sa site mo na ito ang paborito mo?
So far, yung question number 41. Well, yeah, you can’t check what the 41st question is.
I answer all the questions I receive sa MS Word and them copy+paste to Blogger so numbered lahat ng questions.
Uh. To finally answer your Q, I love the question “Kamusta ka naman ngayon?”. Very casual yet sweet :)

Q&A 11

1. five years form now. how do you want people to see as a person?
Five years from now, I would like people to see me as somebody who have grown very well on my Christian life. I would like them to still see the reflection of my Jesus in my life. :)

2. favorite bible verse mo?
Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you, not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.” I love it! It’s a great declaration of faith.

3. do you ever wear make-up at school?
I wear make-up at school only when there are events that ask for it. I often wear make-up at the church (since I’m in the dance ministry)

4. do you have any regrets?
Yes. I should’ve been serious on my Christian life when I was younger, such that I could’ve served God more. Well, I’m enjoying my Christian life now, so I guess the regrets are being transformed into challenges and drives.

5. abandon apartments

6. landlords rights about a apartment when left without payment?
That varies from one country to another. Google it!

7. so that's malaysia? Manila's still better.
Uhm, the temperature is quite lower in KL.
But then, MY and PH are almost the same—very homey.

8. None
Uh. Okay.

Q&A 10

1. i am graduating from high school today. but i haven't decided what to take yet because i have plans for myself, my family's plans for me and of course God's perfect plan for me. i can't help but to get frustrated. i need advice on how to deal with my dilemma but still regards others opinion. (sorry, if this is confusing. coz believe me i am too!)
I do understand and get your dilemma. That was my problem before I entered college. In my case, the confusion was regarding the university I will be going to—either go to an excellent but far from home, church, and ministry univ or a not-so-excellent but near home & my ministry univ.
I had my own plans for myself, of course. Well, amidst all the choices I had for college, I chose the Lord’s plan which seemed to be really hard and rough. I knew I would have better chances of learning at the far univ, but I also knew God wanted me to stay.
Now, I am advising you to seek the will of God above your OWN plans, for HIS wisdom passes all understanding. We may not understand the purposes of His plans at first, but I’m certain that the Lord’s plans are arrangements for the BEST.
Obedience to God may be tough (remember the story of Abraham?) but I tell you, nothings better than His plans.
How do you seek the Lord’s plans for you? That’d be a bid factor in resolving your confusions. :) Hope I helped.

2. anong klaseng mga tanong ang ayaw mong sagutin?
Yang tanong mo ;p Kiddin.
Hmm.. siguro courtship questions.
I don’t have plans for r’ships now kaya I often turn suitors down. I’m not good at upsetting people so I hate answering questions like “pwede bang manligaw?”, “may chance ba ako?” and all like.

3. when you're doing your p&w, how do you decide on your line up?
When I was new to worship leading, I admit I chose songs for my line-up by what I thought was good to sing for p&w. I’ve started worship leading on 2005, and through the times, I’ve learned how to really choose the songs for my line-ups.
Now, even if we don’t have a scheduled youth event, I ask God for revelations about the songs. So, even before an event, I already have some songs in my heart that I know the Lord wants us to have for our worship.
Also, I ask Ptr. Phil, our youth pastor, if he has suggested songs ‘cause usually, he asks me to add some songs on my line-up as related to his message/ preaching.
Some of the factors which I consider on completing line-ups:
§ Primarily, I set my line-up through songs that I receive from God—yes, I receive revelations on such during my devotion time, bible-reading time, through dreams, and even on normal daily routines like taking a shower, reading books, transportation (to school, for example) walking in the school campus, etc.
§ theme of a set event where I will be leading the p&w
§ Ptr. Phil’s message
§ new songs which I find really great
§ personal choice of songs (but in accordance to the Lord’s desire pa rin, of course)
§ songs’ familiarity to the audience/ people I would be leading to
I have a lot to consider which cannot be put to writing as they are gained and known only through experience, service, and continuous seeking of our Father’s heart. ♥
Do you lead worship, too?

Wow. 10th batch na 'to ng Q&A posts ko.
Thanks for your continous interrogations ;p

Q&A 9

1. how do I stop streaks on my dell 300cn
2. how do I stop streaks on my 3000cn
I’ve read a review on Dell 3000cn printer and found out that streaks are one of the printer’s flaws.
I quote,

Our line-art sample looked almost perfect, with only a
little horizontal banding detectable when we examined closely.

3. Pampanga? That’s ur mom province right? Are u always visiting there? Never been in that place.
Hello. I guess by “That’s ur mom province right?” you meant it’s my mother’s province, eh? Anyway, both of my parents are from Pampanga. I didn’t grew up there, though.
We do visit our place at Pampanga several times a month. Uhm, it’s just a 4-hour drive from San Jose City where we’re currently staying at.
Never been there? Oooh.

4. Kumusta ka na ngayon?
Wow. I seldom receive this kind of question. Well, it’s Thursday, August 09, 2007 and it’s raining. I love it. Sobra. (Hmm..did that made sense? Hehe)
Anyway, I’m having difficulty on controlling myself from spending too much on the internet. Also, I’m kinda lazy for school right now. Err. Sarap matulog ‘di ba?
On a deeper note, I’m doing great! Wala akong problema. Ang saya!
Ikaw, kamusta? Ü

5. Was psychology your first choice of course?
Actually, it wasn’t. Even before I stepped on being a senior high school student, my choice was to take up either BS MedTech or Biology since I wanted to pursue a medical career (such are accepted as pre-med courses).
But then, people, thoughts, and decisions change (I have a lengthy blog about that). I suddenly enrolled at CLSU with BS Biology as my course. But then again, during the second semester of my first year in college, I shifted to Psychology (Ψ).
Don’t worry, I’m now certain about it ;) I love Ψ

Q&A 7

1. who's the guy that brings out your kilig?
Hmm.. I’m kinda shy to give clues ;p
Well, to be honest, I don’t get kilig that much now (compared before). Dunno.
Atleast may “kilig” factor pa rin, ‘di ba? Ha-ha. Stupidity.

2. Nakita kita sa CLSU may kasama na guy.
Issue? Ha-ha.
I don’t go with guys alone. I probably have a girl friend with me when you saw me ;)
Or, it was just a coincidence of, perhaps, walking on the same direction with a guy ;p

3. Do you have the video of the dance in His Sanctuary of Glory? Please Upload! =)
I’m at Pampanga right now. I’ll upload it and post it here as soon as I can, boss :)
To tell you, it was nice. It was very inspiring for me, as a dance ministry leader & choreographer.
For now, I can only share a photo. (click on the photo for a bigger view)
4. What course are you taking up?
BA Psychology (2nd year).

5. Ilan readers mo sa private blog mo? Pano ba ma-access yun?
I currently have 15 readers, I think. Uhm, you just have to send me your email ad (through friendster, multiply, or email) so I could add you up to my readers’ list. See you!.

6. Bakit minsan ka lang mag-update ng Q&A mo?
I prefer accumulating questions before posting them.
Nowadays kasi I often receive questions. (Keep them coming, then!) ;)

Q&A 6

1. hi jez,,it's me your ate mhela,,nice site you have..got nothing to ask,,nangangamusta lang..take lotsa care cuz..luv yah..iMishiu..
Hello ate cute ;)
Thanks for the compliment. Thanks din for dropping by my somehow inactive site. Hehe.
See you soon!

2. Nag-aaway ba kayo ng sibs mo? How do you settle the probs?
Vanj and I fight a loooooot.
Although we do not have physical fights now that we’re grown-ups already, we often have petty misunderstandings. Usually, it’s because of mood swings ;p
We don’t usually say sorry (pride…Up! Up! Up!) We just instantaneously shift into normal modes. I guess that’s the wonder of being sibs.

3. How can I download Christian music?
I download some from my friends’ multiply sites, but most of the time, I do download from LimeWire. It’s a P2P (protocol to protocol) downloadable software. But oh, before you download it, make sure you have your anti-virus and anti-spam softwares ready. Such softwares are somehow unsafe.

4. May crush ka sa school mo ngayon?
Funny. Funny. Funny.
I don’t actually have a crush.. I just know this guy who brings out my kilig ;p Yuck. Corny.

Q&A 5

1. where do i find cheap round trip airline tickets under 200 dollars
You can only go to one Asian country with 200 dollars. Check out
Anyway, $200 will not be sufficient enough for a trip since that would only cover your plane ticket. You will need extra $ for hotel, dining, transportation, and of course.. shopping!
Tip: book months earlier to get really cheap package tickets

2. tnx..huhu..nalate nko sa enrolment sa CLSU..so i hv no choice..hay..but u know what nagdecide ako magtransfer..but 8s too late n poh pla..tnx poh..ha..yngtz poh..question: bakit d mo ko isinama??haha..Gbu..
Sayang naman. Anyway, I’m hoping for the best in your life. Make your life the best NOW.

God bless you, friend. Ipon ka na, next year sama kita ;)

3. 'r u close with ur relatives?, 'cuz perhaps... cno pinaka close mo sa mga 'cuz mo?
Yes I am. When I was a kid, I was a lot closer to my maternal relatives. Pero nagyon, both na.
Sa mga teen cousins ko, I’m very close with Tatal and Sel-sel.
Sa medyo elderly naman na cousins, kay ate Len..actually she’s one of my drives of (supposedly) entering med school.
Sa father side naman, I so so so love ate Grace Guiao. She’s a super girl. :)
PS: tell me if you want me to post their pics ;)

4. so,hows ur asian seminar tour?of ol 'd country uv been, wer do u most like to stay?
My Asian seminar and tour? Whoa. It was a way great! I’m on the process of blogging about it on my other blog site.
Anyway, Singapore is okay. The place itself is a great place to stay kasi super tidy. Also, the people are very disciplined (maybe takot sa fines.haha). The bad side of Sing is super busy ang living kaya parang everything’s in a rush.
Anyway, for me, nothing will beat the Philippines. There would nothing to replace our comfort when we’re at home, ‘di ba? PROUD TO BE PINOY!

5. sino ang tao na pinaka gusto mo nang makita ngayon?
I want to see my best friends kasi we’re having a misunderstanding right now L
Anyway, I also want to see the HSG youth again – Sun, Audrey, Wai Ye, Shoben, Stephen, Rebecca, David, Timothy, Dennis, Rachel, Sarah, and more!

6. how's ur asian tour?

I took lots of photos! Haha.
Oh, are you one of my blog readers sa private blog site ko?
If not, I can share with you a slice of my blog entry about the Asian Tour :)

Q&A 4

  1. sino mami-miss mo pagpunta niyo ni vanj sa asian tour niyo? haha!
    I wonder who you are at kilala mo si Vanj.. Hmmm?
    Anyway, I would definitely miss my church friends, friends, blog readers, and of course mom & dad!
  2. UB313 here,,i don't like the name Eris, reminds me of something..that ub313 thing is kinda unique..kanya2ng trip lang yan diba?...gotta bounce..tata for now jez..you take care always dear...carpe diem..godbless..
    Boo! The word “GOD” should start with a capital letter as in God ;p
    Alright UB313, your wish is my command. I’ll call you UB313 for your fulfillment :D
    Happy trip na rin. :p
  3. where in the nook are you going? take heaps of care...
    I will be gone for 2 wks 'cause
    I have an Asian Seminar and Tour to attend.
    Here’s my schedule:
    May 23 -Malaysia
    May 23-26
    May 27-28 -Malaysia
    May 29 -Singapore
    May 30 -Indonesia
    May 31-June4 -Malaysia
    June 4pm - Philippines! :)

  4. What is Type C Diabetes?
    I’ve never heard of this. Perhaps you’re referring to the assumed Diabetes type 3?

Q&A 3

  1. yeah,UB313,now you can address me to that name..
    Why UB313 when it’s no longer called UB313? It’s now called Eris J
    Anyway, nom de plume, eh?
  2. i was just thinking,have you ever been inlove? seems like you're a very busy person, physically,mentally and spritually...how can you balance that?
    In-love? Well, all I can say is that I’m a NBFSB (no BF since birth) ;)
    I have almost siguro, pero I’m sure that I’ve been into “tweetums” lang. I think I really haven’t fallen crazy in-love for another person of the opposite gender. I’ll be into that after some time. Right now, I would just want to let the wrong guys come and go – matira..okay! Ha-ha.
    Anyway, I really am an über busy person. How do I get to have a balanced life?
    In between those hyper activities, I make sure to get a “ME TIME”. It’s very helpful and effective :)
  3. Sino fave mo sa parents mo? Mom or Dad?
    Whoa. I never thought may magtatanong nito.
    I so so so so love them BOTH. Maiinis ka siguro pag sinabi ko na pareho lang, noh?
    Anyway, since I was a kid, si Dad na ang fave ko. You can ask people around; they’d say I’m a daddy’s girl. Pero as I matured, I have realized na wala na pala akong fave. I have just found myself na super fave ko na silang dalawa. Walang competition between them kasi united sila on being good parents to me, my sisters & bro.
  4. hi..can i hav your number? please? :)
    Hello. Sorry, I can’t give it eh. But anyway, I would appreciate emails and PM’s :)
  5. hi jez..ano ang tagalog ng CLUE?
    I do remember na nagging big issue ‘to sa HS batch namin. We asked our Fili teacher pa nga kung ano’ng tagalog/Filipino translation ng toothpaste. Haha.
    Going back to your Q, there are certain words in English that do not have exact Filipino translations. Well, if you if you really want to use it (clue) in Filipino, you can use “KLU”. Anyway, its Filipino synonyms are pahiwatig, pahiging, and pahimaton. Again, these are just synonyms kasi walang direct translation ang CLUE.

I'm so excited for Wednesday!

Anyway, you may throw me your questions (asap) while I'm still here at the Phils 'cause I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog for the incoming weeks.

God bless you, people! :)

Q&A 2

  1. jez,.. dale to! pwede ba magtanung?,..
    Ha-ha. Nagtatanong ka na nga eh. :)
    Anyway, sure.. ano ‘yun?
  2. ate jez, bakit sabi nla pinaparusahan daw ang bad people pero yung iba sinasabi na pinagbibigyan naman daw sila ni Lord. (mau here)
    Hello, mau.
    Alright. Medyo mahaba dapat ang explanation, but to make the long short (haha), ganito..
    At the Old Testament of the Bible, God punishes the people/ place who dishonors Him. Pero, sa New Testament, it was clearly written that WE ARE NOW NOT UNDER THE LAW. This means na si Lord, hindi na siya nagppunish like that on the Old Testament (remember Sodom ad Gomorra?).
    PERO, hindi dahil we are out of the Law, we can be sinners na.
    Ang ibig sabihin nun, the Lord wants us to be righteous hindi dahil lang sa Law nor dahil takot lang tayo sa punishment, but because merely, we want to be righteous just what the Lord says so kasi we love the Lord.
  3. Nag-bblush-on ka ba?
    Yes, I do :)
  4. Pwede magtanong anything about your personal life dito sa Q&A blog mo?
    Sure. The question box out there says “ask Jez (about anything!)”.
    I would entertain all your questions (basta carry ng powers ko). He-he.
  5. hmm.. i really don't have any question to ask for. i just wanna say thanks for sharing your blog with me. mwah...
    Your name starts with an M, right? Anyway, you’re very much welcome. I share my blog only with trust-worthy people. Thanks for spending (and wasting) time going through my blog entries. I love you for that! <3>
  6. what is the tenth planet?
    ..this Q makes me reminisce my Earth Science 100 class with the prof I crushed on! Well, to prove to that I deserve my 1.25 grade, here is what I’ve searched from the innermost part of my brain!
    We only have 8 planets today.
    Anyway, the 10th planet was used to be called UB313 (313 - March &October). Later on, the planet that was nicked “Xena” for years, was called the planet ERIS.
    I can still remember that after it was declared the 10th planet, biglang nag-change ng decisions. They suddenly demoted planets Pluto and Eris to dwarf-planet status.
    Ang sad noh? After natin silang i-memorize when we were in grade school/ hs, biglang gagawing 8 na lang ang planets.. Kawawa naman ang career nila as planets :(
  7. hi jez..reasons poh y dpt me transfer..d poh xe ako mkpagdecide..tnx..
    I’m very sure who you are :)
    Anyway, look at me.. I gave up my primary choices for college - SLU and UST. If you aren’t aware of my story, everything was set already for SLU pero I still asked the Lord of His plans for me, kasi yung SLU, plan KO LANG ‘yun.
    Here are the primary reasons I see why you MUST transfer:
    - Wala ang mom mo. Ikaw ang panganay na girl. You have a big responsibility unto your dad and sisters.
    - You should make the most of your teenage years not with your books but with your family.
    - You have a purpose – a calling from the Lord for a ministry at JRC!
    - very practical
    - as the cliché goes, “There’s no place like HOME.”
    Beyond these reasons, your major source of bases should be the Lord. Go pray! :)

Whoa. Ang hahaba ng answers ko for this set of Q’s ah.

Anyway, thanks for the questions, friends. ♥Do come back ♥

Q&A 1

1. mabait ka ba?!
Sweetie, bakit naman may “?!”..
Anyway, I can say I am (well, not totally).. but I’m sure I’m not bad nor mean. The prob is that I’ve always had the bad first impressions :(

2. are idiots hazardous to your health? 0_o
to anybody, I guess. Pero I’m not against them. They’re funny sometimes. Entertaining.

3. hi jez..cha here!
Hey cha. Thanks for dropping by. Kamusta ka naman? We haven’t seen each other for months na.
Anyway, since you don't have any question, ako na lang.. how's RD? yeeheeee ;)

4. bakit ayaw mong i-open para sa lahat yung isa mong blog?
I knew some would ask this. Anyway, I want kasi to keep it to those who would really spend time reading all my blog entries. I don’t want to depict anything sa mga wala naman talagang care to my blogs of any kind. Anyway, if you want to access it, send me an email so I can add you :)

5. ...how do you get through tough tasks college life demands??
Pray. Jesus Christ has been my primary source of might and push to go on with college life. Ang hirap talaga if you’ll be on your own strength lang.
Patience is a must-have in college life. Nakakinis kasi usually ang mga prof (as if they’ve never been to college!).
College life also means meeting new people –but not all will love or like you: some may hate you for weird reasons. In my case, I know there are some who do not like me much, pero I just don’t mind them. Kiber ;) Haha.
Also, I have good friends. They keep my college days fun kahit na super tiring sa school.
Oh, another thing.. try to be a professional late-sleeper! Promise. ‘Yun talaga isa sa mga secrets ko. If you’re not used to it, practice! Ha-ha.
Are you an incoming college stud?