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Q&A 16

I believe pero ang dami nang lumalabas na contradictions about faith and the Bible di ba so parang, hindi talaga maiwasan na hindi tanungin if God is real. Paano mo nga pala nasasabing na-encounter mo na si God and na-eencounter mo siya everyday? Thanks.
Yes, it is written naman sa Bible that the last days will bring questions about the existence of God -kaya naman we really need faith. Well, I’m glad you do believe in Him amidst the contradictions of this world.
Anyway, yes, I do encounter Him everyday. Don’t you? The Holy Spirit abides in us all the time, right? Well, that’s if you have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior (if not, I can help you with that). Isn’t the Lord present when we pray? When we read the bible? Or when we just sit and do nothing? ;)

Ano ang favorite mo na food?
I just have a slender body, pero I really eat a lot (my metabolism’s just swift).
I love chocolate cakes, brazo de Mercedes cakes, mocha crunch cakes, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, Frito Lay’s Ruffles chips, vanilla ice cream, Good Shepherd’s ube jam. I have a lot of fave foods, but let’s keep it at that for now ;)

Nagka-boyfriend na po ba kayo?
Haha. I’m a NBSB – No Boyfriend Since Birth :) ..and I love being one!

Anong website pinupuntahan mo lagi?
Multiply, my friends’ blog sites, Blogger, Friendster, Gmail (I often check my mail), Candymag, Shelfari, YouTube, Seventeen.
I do trip to a lot of sites, but those are the sites I visit daily.

Ano cellphone number mo? please
Yay! I don’t announce it on public. Sorry :)