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Q&A 35

You enjoyed your island hopping? ehhe
Yes, very much! Traveling is especially fun when with the people one loves most :-)

you didnt have school? i mean, you went island hopping... so that means you didnt go to school right?
I'm currently a college junior, so I basically am enrolled at a school/ univ.
Good timing it was but the week when we were at Davao was also CLSU's intramurals week.
I missed some academic matters (esp when we were in Cebu), but I'm catching up.

it seems that you & your siblings are really close. what's your favorite thing to do when you're together?
We really are. We love to talk, talk, and talk while having much to eat, eat, and eat!

are you always online?
I have a life to live so I've been trying to control my net usage lately :D

paano gumawa ng ganitong blogspot? parang masayang gayahin eh.. hehe.. peace
A little bit of html and stuff.
Blogger offers a free blogging system, btw.
Gagayahin mo 'to? Inform me so I could visit your future site, too! :)

HAve you ever been attracted to any guy before? Like physical attraction. And what can make you or have made lose that attraction if there was any? Hehe
Have you ever felt attracted to a guy before? Like physical attraction perhaps. and what can make you lose your attraction to a guy?
I think I'd be a robot (and a total liar) if I'd negate being attracted to another, as in ever. Probably, physical admiration may pass to those that I had or have a crush on. Pero man, that's the lamest attraction one can have. haha.
Besides, I don't try to focus on men/boys, kaya siguro I seldom get 'attracted' to someone. Ito ha, hindi pa-wholesome image, pero I'm committed to not yet engage myself with liking boys/guys/men (or whatever you'd prefer to call them).
Well, the opposite sex aren't just the thing of these times. There's a time for everything, and as for now and for me, getting attracted with (and attracting) boys are real loser-stuff. hahaha.
My song for that:

My Future Decided (Hillsong United)

why is it that after we eat, we suddenly feel sleepy?
I found this site.
Search about it over google .

saan ka laging nagsstay sa bahay niyo?
1. My parents' room
2. Living room
3. My room