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Q&A 7

1. who's the guy that brings out your kilig?
Hmm.. I’m kinda shy to give clues ;p
Well, to be honest, I don’t get kilig that much now (compared before). Dunno.
Atleast may “kilig” factor pa rin, ‘di ba? Ha-ha. Stupidity.

2. Nakita kita sa CLSU may kasama na guy.
Issue? Ha-ha.
I don’t go with guys alone. I probably have a girl friend with me when you saw me ;)
Or, it was just a coincidence of, perhaps, walking on the same direction with a guy ;p

3. Do you have the video of the dance in His Sanctuary of Glory? Please Upload! =)
I’m at Pampanga right now. I’ll upload it and post it here as soon as I can, boss :)
To tell you, it was nice. It was very inspiring for me, as a dance ministry leader & choreographer.
For now, I can only share a photo. (click on the photo for a bigger view)
4. What course are you taking up?
BA Psychology (2nd year).

5. Ilan readers mo sa private blog mo? Pano ba ma-access yun?
I currently have 15 readers, I think. Uhm, you just have to send me your email ad (through friendster, multiply, or email) so I could add you up to my readers’ list. See you!.

6. Bakit minsan ka lang mag-update ng Q&A mo?
I prefer accumulating questions before posting them.
Nowadays kasi I often receive questions. (Keep them coming, then!) ;)