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Q&A 5

1. where do i find cheap round trip airline tickets under 200 dollars
You can only go to one Asian country with 200 dollars. Check out
Anyway, $200 will not be sufficient enough for a trip since that would only cover your plane ticket. You will need extra $ for hotel, dining, transportation, and of course.. shopping!
Tip: book months earlier to get really cheap package tickets

2. tnx..huhu..nalate nko sa enrolment sa CLSU..so i hv no choice..hay..but u know what nagdecide ako magtransfer..but 8s too late n poh pla..tnx poh..ha..yngtz poh..question: bakit d mo ko isinama??haha..Gbu..
Sayang naman. Anyway, I’m hoping for the best in your life. Make your life the best NOW.

God bless you, friend. Ipon ka na, next year sama kita ;)

3. 'r u close with ur relatives?, 'cuz perhaps... cno pinaka close mo sa mga 'cuz mo?
Yes I am. When I was a kid, I was a lot closer to my maternal relatives. Pero nagyon, both na.
Sa mga teen cousins ko, I’m very close with Tatal and Sel-sel.
Sa medyo elderly naman na cousins, kay ate Len..actually she’s one of my drives of (supposedly) entering med school.
Sa father side naman, I so so so love ate Grace Guiao. She’s a super girl. :)
PS: tell me if you want me to post their pics ;)

4. so,hows ur asian seminar tour?of ol 'd country uv been, wer do u most like to stay?
My Asian seminar and tour? Whoa. It was a way great! I’m on the process of blogging about it on my other blog site.
Anyway, Singapore is okay. The place itself is a great place to stay kasi super tidy. Also, the people are very disciplined (maybe takot sa fines.haha). The bad side of Sing is super busy ang living kaya parang everything’s in a rush.
Anyway, for me, nothing will beat the Philippines. There would nothing to replace our comfort when we’re at home, ‘di ba? PROUD TO BE PINOY!

5. sino ang tao na pinaka gusto mo nang makita ngayon?
I want to see my best friends kasi we’re having a misunderstanding right now L
Anyway, I also want to see the HSG youth again – Sun, Audrey, Wai Ye, Shoben, Stephen, Rebecca, David, Timothy, Dennis, Rachel, Sarah, and more!

6. how's ur asian tour?

I took lots of photos! Haha.
Oh, are you one of my blog readers sa private blog site ko?
If not, I can share with you a slice of my blog entry about the Asian Tour :)