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Q&A 12

1. anong klaseng kaibigan ka?
Good :) I am not everybody’s best friend, though.
Well, I’m a sacrificing friend. I can carry on sufferings for my friends who are, of course, worthy of them (sacrifices).
I am a friend who talks a lot, and listens a lot, too :D
Pero if you'd ask kung anong klaseng best friend ako,


2. bakit gusto mo na may nagttanong sa iyo?
Wala naming extreme reason. I just wanted to build up a site where people would have the chance to ask me questions—plus hindi ko malalaman who asks me such questions, e di free kayo, ‘di ba? :)
Im a very private person kasi, so this Q&A blog site is like my public outlet.

3. pano mo gnwa itong q&a dito sa blogger?slmat.")
This isn’t a feature of Blogger. Got to have knowledge on html’s :)

4. kelan bday mo?
November 8.

5. my physics professor asked me this: there are two siblings, both born on the same day and same year. they have the same father and mother. but they are not twins -- identical nor fraternal. is this possible?
Whoa. Maybe one’s legally adopted. Haha. 'Di ba hindi naman same 'biological' parents? Kidding.
I guess that isn’t possible. Btw, if your prof would give you the right answer, please let me be informed, okay?

6. do you ever think of being a pastor?
Well, yes. I’m thinking of going to a theological school after college, BUT right now, I’m happy with how I am serving the Lord. If wala namang calling, I better not pursue that plan. I’ll just go for whatever the Lord wants me to do and to be.

7. So far anong tanong dito sa site mo na ito ang paborito mo?
So far, yung question number 41. Well, yeah, you can’t check what the 41st question is.
I answer all the questions I receive sa MS Word and them copy+paste to Blogger so numbered lahat ng questions.
Uh. To finally answer your Q, I love the question “Kamusta ka naman ngayon?”. Very casual yet sweet :)