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Q&A 13

Physics Brainteaser: I’m not going to give you the answer yet. But this is a hint. Yes, it is possible. The scenario was use in a csi show. It could also be a true story. =) I'm excited about this because I was the one who got it first.

Nafifeel mo ba kung sino nagtanong ng "kumusta ka naman ngayon"?
No idea at all. Ikaw ba? :-P

ano ang ayaw mo na itanong sa iyo?
Questions that aim to pursue insensible debates.

bakit psych ang napili mo na major?
Related kasi with our family’s streak of living, as well as with my church minsitry.

paano kita magiging best friend?
Haha. Well, I don’t know. People often see me as someone’s who’s hard to befriend, pero in reality, I am not. Anyway, going back to your cute question, I don’t really make best friends. I unconsciously and naturally earn them.
Siguro it’d be the right chemistry :)

they're triplets. so they can't be identical nor fraternal twin. =) this is long time over due!
Hah! Finally! Gracious. Am I too dumb not to get that? Haha. Well, thanks for the new input :D

ano ang pahimaton?
It’s like clue, when translated. Uh, pero sa totoo lang, ‘di naman siya popular word :p

Ano naman gagawin mo sa sem break?
I’m working for the church, mostly with the multi-media and the dance ministry. I’m also planning to have a total room cleaning. It’s gross already. :p

You watch Marimar?
Not really a fan of it, pero since Nanay Paz is a fanatic, I eventually get the chance to watch daily. Mas gusto ko yung kay Sarah Geronimo. Haha. Corny ba?