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Q&A 10

1. i am graduating from high school today. but i haven't decided what to take yet because i have plans for myself, my family's plans for me and of course God's perfect plan for me. i can't help but to get frustrated. i need advice on how to deal with my dilemma but still regards others opinion. (sorry, if this is confusing. coz believe me i am too!)
I do understand and get your dilemma. That was my problem before I entered college. In my case, the confusion was regarding the university I will be going to—either go to an excellent but far from home, church, and ministry univ or a not-so-excellent but near home & my ministry univ.
I had my own plans for myself, of course. Well, amidst all the choices I had for college, I chose the Lord’s plan which seemed to be really hard and rough. I knew I would have better chances of learning at the far univ, but I also knew God wanted me to stay.
Now, I am advising you to seek the will of God above your OWN plans, for HIS wisdom passes all understanding. We may not understand the purposes of His plans at first, but I’m certain that the Lord’s plans are arrangements for the BEST.
Obedience to God may be tough (remember the story of Abraham?) but I tell you, nothings better than His plans.
How do you seek the Lord’s plans for you? That’d be a bid factor in resolving your confusions. :) Hope I helped.

2. anong klaseng mga tanong ang ayaw mong sagutin?
Yang tanong mo ;p Kiddin.
Hmm.. siguro courtship questions.
I don’t have plans for r’ships now kaya I often turn suitors down. I’m not good at upsetting people so I hate answering questions like “pwede bang manligaw?”, “may chance ba ako?” and all like.

3. when you're doing your p&w, how do you decide on your line up?
When I was new to worship leading, I admit I chose songs for my line-up by what I thought was good to sing for p&w. I’ve started worship leading on 2005, and through the times, I’ve learned how to really choose the songs for my line-ups.
Now, even if we don’t have a scheduled youth event, I ask God for revelations about the songs. So, even before an event, I already have some songs in my heart that I know the Lord wants us to have for our worship.
Also, I ask Ptr. Phil, our youth pastor, if he has suggested songs ‘cause usually, he asks me to add some songs on my line-up as related to his message/ preaching.
Some of the factors which I consider on completing line-ups:
§ Primarily, I set my line-up through songs that I receive from God—yes, I receive revelations on such during my devotion time, bible-reading time, through dreams, and even on normal daily routines like taking a shower, reading books, transportation (to school, for example) walking in the school campus, etc.
§ theme of a set event where I will be leading the p&w
§ Ptr. Phil’s message
§ new songs which I find really great
§ personal choice of songs (but in accordance to the Lord’s desire pa rin, of course)
§ songs’ familiarity to the audience/ people I would be leading to
I have a lot to consider which cannot be put to writing as they are gained and known only through experience, service, and continuous seeking of our Father’s heart. ♥
Do you lead worship, too?

Wow. 10th batch na 'to ng Q&A posts ko.
Thanks for your continous interrogations ;p