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Q&A 9

1. how do I stop streaks on my dell 300cn
2. how do I stop streaks on my 3000cn
I’ve read a review on Dell 3000cn printer and found out that streaks are one of the printer’s flaws.
I quote,

Our line-art sample looked almost perfect, with only a
little horizontal banding detectable when we examined closely.

3. Pampanga? That’s ur mom province right? Are u always visiting there? Never been in that place.
Hello. I guess by “That’s ur mom province right?” you meant it’s my mother’s province, eh? Anyway, both of my parents are from Pampanga. I didn’t grew up there, though.
We do visit our place at Pampanga several times a month. Uhm, it’s just a 4-hour drive from San Jose City where we’re currently staying at.
Never been there? Oooh.

4. Kumusta ka na ngayon?
Wow. I seldom receive this kind of question. Well, it’s Thursday, August 09, 2007 and it’s raining. I love it. Sobra. (Hmm..did that made sense? Hehe)
Anyway, I’m having difficulty on controlling myself from spending too much on the internet. Also, I’m kinda lazy for school right now. Err. Sarap matulog ‘di ba?
On a deeper note, I’m doing great! Wala akong problema. Ang saya!
Ikaw, kamusta? Ü

5. Was psychology your first choice of course?
Actually, it wasn’t. Even before I stepped on being a senior high school student, my choice was to take up either BS MedTech or Biology since I wanted to pursue a medical career (such are accepted as pre-med courses).
But then, people, thoughts, and decisions change (I have a lengthy blog about that). I suddenly enrolled at CLSU with BS Biology as my course. But then again, during the second semester of my first year in college, I shifted to Psychology (Ψ).
Don’t worry, I’m now certain about it ;) I love Ψ