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Q&A 6

1. hi jez,,it's me your ate mhela,,nice site you have..got nothing to ask,,nangangamusta lang..take lotsa care cuz..luv yah..iMishiu..
Hello ate cute ;)
Thanks for the compliment. Thanks din for dropping by my somehow inactive site. Hehe.
See you soon!

2. Nag-aaway ba kayo ng sibs mo? How do you settle the probs?
Vanj and I fight a loooooot.
Although we do not have physical fights now that we’re grown-ups already, we often have petty misunderstandings. Usually, it’s because of mood swings ;p
We don’t usually say sorry (pride…Up! Up! Up!) We just instantaneously shift into normal modes. I guess that’s the wonder of being sibs.

3. How can I download Christian music?
I download some from my friends’ multiply sites, but most of the time, I do download from LimeWire. It’s a P2P (protocol to protocol) downloadable software. But oh, before you download it, make sure you have your anti-virus and anti-spam softwares ready. Such softwares are somehow unsafe.

4. May crush ka sa school mo ngayon?
Funny. Funny. Funny.
I don’t actually have a crush.. I just know this guy who brings out my kilig ;p Yuck. Corny.