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Q&A 1

1. mabait ka ba?!
Sweetie, bakit naman may “?!”..
Anyway, I can say I am (well, not totally).. but I’m sure I’m not bad nor mean. The prob is that I’ve always had the bad first impressions :(

2. are idiots hazardous to your health? 0_o
to anybody, I guess. Pero I’m not against them. They’re funny sometimes. Entertaining.

3. hi jez..cha here!
Hey cha. Thanks for dropping by. Kamusta ka naman? We haven’t seen each other for months na.
Anyway, since you don't have any question, ako na lang.. how's RD? yeeheeee ;)

4. bakit ayaw mong i-open para sa lahat yung isa mong blog?
I knew some would ask this. Anyway, I want kasi to keep it to those who would really spend time reading all my blog entries. I don’t want to depict anything sa mga wala naman talagang care to my blogs of any kind. Anyway, if you want to access it, send me an email so I can add you :)

5. ...how do you get through tough tasks college life demands??
Pray. Jesus Christ has been my primary source of might and push to go on with college life. Ang hirap talaga if you’ll be on your own strength lang.
Patience is a must-have in college life. Nakakinis kasi usually ang mga prof (as if they’ve never been to college!).
College life also means meeting new people –but not all will love or like you: some may hate you for weird reasons. In my case, I know there are some who do not like me much, pero I just don’t mind them. Kiber ;) Haha.
Also, I have good friends. They keep my college days fun kahit na super tiring sa school.
Oh, another thing.. try to be a professional late-sleeper! Promise. ‘Yun talaga isa sa mga secrets ko. If you’re not used to it, practice! Ha-ha.
Are you an incoming college stud?