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Q&A 4

  1. sino mami-miss mo pagpunta niyo ni vanj sa asian tour niyo? haha!
    I wonder who you are at kilala mo si Vanj.. Hmmm?
    Anyway, I would definitely miss my church friends, friends, blog readers, and of course mom & dad!
  2. UB313 here,,i don't like the name Eris, reminds me of something..that ub313 thing is kinda unique..kanya2ng trip lang yan diba?...gotta bounce..tata for now jez..you take care always dear...carpe diem..godbless..
    Boo! The word “GOD” should start with a capital letter as in God ;p
    Alright UB313, your wish is my command. I’ll call you UB313 for your fulfillment :D
    Happy trip na rin. :p
  3. where in the nook are you going? take heaps of care...
    I will be gone for 2 wks 'cause
    I have an Asian Seminar and Tour to attend.
    Here’s my schedule:
    May 23 -Malaysia
    May 23-26
    May 27-28 -Malaysia
    May 29 -Singapore
    May 30 -Indonesia
    May 31-June4 -Malaysia
    June 4pm - Philippines! :)

  4. What is Type C Diabetes?
    I’ve never heard of this. Perhaps you’re referring to the assumed Diabetes type 3?