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Q&A 3

  1. yeah,UB313,now you can address me to that name..
    Why UB313 when it’s no longer called UB313? It’s now called Eris J
    Anyway, nom de plume, eh?
  2. i was just thinking,have you ever been inlove? seems like you're a very busy person, physically,mentally and spritually...how can you balance that?
    In-love? Well, all I can say is that I’m a NBFSB (no BF since birth) ;)
    I have almost siguro, pero I’m sure that I’ve been into “tweetums” lang. I think I really haven’t fallen crazy in-love for another person of the opposite gender. I’ll be into that after some time. Right now, I would just want to let the wrong guys come and go – matira..okay! Ha-ha.
    Anyway, I really am an über busy person. How do I get to have a balanced life?
    In between those hyper activities, I make sure to get a “ME TIME”. It’s very helpful and effective :)
  3. Sino fave mo sa parents mo? Mom or Dad?
    Whoa. I never thought may magtatanong nito.
    I so so so so love them BOTH. Maiinis ka siguro pag sinabi ko na pareho lang, noh?
    Anyway, since I was a kid, si Dad na ang fave ko. You can ask people around; they’d say I’m a daddy’s girl. Pero as I matured, I have realized na wala na pala akong fave. I have just found myself na super fave ko na silang dalawa. Walang competition between them kasi united sila on being good parents to me, my sisters & bro.
  4. hi..can i hav your number? please? :)
    Hello. Sorry, I can’t give it eh. But anyway, I would appreciate emails and PM’s :)
  5. hi jez..ano ang tagalog ng CLUE?
    I do remember na nagging big issue ‘to sa HS batch namin. We asked our Fili teacher pa nga kung ano’ng tagalog/Filipino translation ng toothpaste. Haha.
    Going back to your Q, there are certain words in English that do not have exact Filipino translations. Well, if you if you really want to use it (clue) in Filipino, you can use “KLU”. Anyway, its Filipino synonyms are pahiwatig, pahiging, and pahimaton. Again, these are just synonyms kasi walang direct translation ang CLUE.

I'm so excited for Wednesday!

Anyway, you may throw me your questions (asap) while I'm still here at the Phils 'cause I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog for the incoming weeks.

God bless you, people! :)