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Q&A 17

Hi ate jez! How old are you na? You seem to be mature when you're posting... :)

Hello. I’m only seventeen. Second year college. Uhm, matured? Hmm.. that's maybe because most of my blog posts aren’t just about petty stuffs. Thanks, anyway ;)

Kailan birthday mo?

November 8 pa.

Sino ang favorite cartoon character mo?

Slambook? Hehe. I don’t have any cartoon character fave now. Pero I used to like Winnie the Pooh back when I was still in elementary.

ano mga plans mo ngayon summer? my summer subjects ka ba?

Wala akong issummer na subject. I would want to enjoy my summer, so instead of enrolling the subjects that I missed (because of shifting into another course), I allowed a fully loaded schedule this school year.

I’m planning to visit Malaysia or Singapore again, although that’s still indefinite. Basta this coming summer season, I’m planning to read more books, blog daily, sleep late, gain more weight, have my hair cut short, conduct dance trainings and workshops, get into the youth ministry more---do more things!

Sino ang pinakamaganda sainyong magkakapatid?

We all have the same genes :-D

Anyway, this is the deal between me and my sibs:

  • Vanj is beautiful.
  • Ate Joy/ Hazel is cute (btw, she doesn’t like that term—but we have no choice.haha)
  • I am pretty ;)