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Q&A 41

wow! natuwa naman ako sa sagot mo sa last question sa november 4 post mo. where did you learn all these things? i'm amazed. :)
Yay! Salamat nagdala ako ng tuwa sayo :-D
Where did I learn? Well, I am continually learning through my daily walk with God.

graduating ka na diba? any plans after college?
Sana :)
My dad would always joke na matutulog daw muna ako ng isang taon pagkatapos kong maka-graduate. HAHA. Seriously, though, I'm planning to tithe a year working full-time at our local church.

is it working??
This? Yes, it is!

could you explain to me what Luke 7:35 mean? i don't really get it.
The message version says, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." 

Happy birthday! You don't look your age. :)
Yay! Thank you both for the birthday greeting and the bola :D

Any special moments today?
A LOT. Will just blog about it :)